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International air freight

SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” provides fast and high-quality delivery of urgent shipments to their destination with air deliveries. Thanks to cooperation with airlines worldwide, quality service is offered at reasonable prices. Our transport managers will ensure the fastest and most efficient way to make urgent deliveries and arrange customs formalities and other documentation-related issues.

Custom international air cargo shipping

SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” provides an international air cargo shipping for various freight types. Our experienced transport managers offer clients only proven logistics solutions and reliable airline services.

Long-term experience in international air cargo transportation gives SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” the opportunity to offer and provide its customers with “door-to-door” air cargo transportation on various routes worldwide. Professional consultations and handling of customs formalities are provided during the transportation organisation to make it easier for the parties involved to make the right decisions and fulfil the client’s wishes.

Air cargo and parcel transportation

Air transportation Land or sea freight transport often is chosen for cargo deliveries, which take a relatively long time on the way. Air transport is a wise alternative choice, providing both express and bulk or parcel deliveries relatively quickly. SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” provides diverse air cargo transportation to various destinations:

The professional transport managers of SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” and the vast and reliable range of cooperation partners ensure fast and safe air cargo transportation on various routes. Together, we will create effective logistics solutions and prepare customs and other types of documentation or accompanying documents for international air cargo transportation.

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    Why choose air cargo services?

    The main advantages of air freight are its delivery time and speed, which provides an opportunity to increase the efficiency of the company’s operation and the circulation of goods in the transportation of various cargoes – from small packages to oversized shipments.

    In accordance with the needs of customers and the specifics of the transported cargo, SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” adapts the most successful air cargo transportation services to them. The air cargo transportation we offer is prepared and ensured by implementing multimodal cargo transportation.

    If speedy delivery is crucial for cargo transport, or if covering long distances and adhering to strict safety measures during transit are priorities, then entrusting cargo air transportation to SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” is the ideal choice. It guarantees a balanced combination of cost-effectiveness and time efficiency.


    Speed is the most significant advantage of air transport for urgent cargo deliveries. Thanks to the airlines’ fixed departure and arrival times, same-day delivery of air cargo can also be provided if necessary.


    Regardless of the distance of the cargo transportation route, thanks to the developed air traffic industry and the extensive provision of airlines, it is possible to reach even the most distant delivery destinations with air transportation.


    In air transportation, cargo safety is ensured and regulated by the high-performance requirements of the aviation industry. Likewise, the high safety standards of air transport and increased control over their general observance.

    Air freight cargo prices

    Although air cargo transportation is not the cheapest way of cargo transportation, SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” offers quality air cargo transportation service at very reasonable prices. The vast network of worldwide cooperation partners allows fast delivery of goods from door to door (“door to door”) almost anywhere in the world.

    When preparing a price offer for air cargo transportation, the size of the cargo (height, width, length), weight and specific characteristics of the cargo are essential, for the provision of which it may be necessary to comply with special cargo transportation conditions, for example, during transportation, the cargo needs to ensure a certain temperature regime or if it is transported ADR cargo.

    Air cargo transportation provides the economy of transportation time and allows reaching even the most difficult delivery destinations.

    Convention for the unification of certain regulations for international carriage by air


    The rules and procedures for air cargo transportation are regulated by the Convention on the Unification of Certain Rules of International Air Transport, signed in Warsaw on October 12, 1929, also called the “Warsaw Convention”. This Convention has been supplemented over the years. On May 28, 1999, in Montreal, the Convention was drawn up with an equally authentic text in English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish and was also officially signed by the member states of the Convention.

    The Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules of International Air Transport shall be kept in the archives of the International Civil Aviation Organization, and the depositary shall transmit certified copies to all States Parties to this Convention, as well as to all States Parties to the Warsaw Convention, the Hague Protocol, the Guadalajara Convention, the Guatemala City Protocol and the Montreal Protocol.

    The Convention on the Unification of Certain Rules of International Air Transport applies to all international aircraft transportation (passenger, baggage, cargo transportation) performed for compensation, subject to written reservations and agreed upon in the Convention:

    • For general terms
    • Documentation and obligations regarding passenger, baggage and cargo transportation
    • Liability of the carrier and amount of compensation for loss
    • For combined transport
    • For air transport by a person who is not a contract carrier
    • Other provisions (including insurance and carriage under extraordinary conditions)
    • Final terms

    Valuable to know about air freight shipping

    What documents are required for air cargo transportation?

    Each cargo is individual, according to its physical and transportation requirements. The required documents for air cargo transportation may differ according to the route and delivery destination customs services and cargo code classification.
    To find out precisely what documents are required for air cargo transportation, contact the knowledgeable transport managers of SIA “RITLOGISTIKA”, who will provide free consultation on the necessary documents to realise your air cargo transportation.

    How to calculate the cost of air freight?

    For air cargo transportation, the costs are not only the price set by the airlines for the transport of cargo of a specific size (height, width, length, weight) but also the provision of requirements related to the specific characteristics of the cargo (for example, ADR cargo, cargo with a particular temperature), cargo insurance costs, with customs related services. An additional fee is applied if door-to-door service is to be provided by land transport or if it is necessary to expedite shipment processing.

    What is a “Door to Door” air transport service?

    Door-to-door air transport service means the carrier provides cargo transportation from the sender’s address’s “door” to the recipient’s address, often combining ground cargo transport with air transport.

    Air transportation

    Do you want to get an individual offer for air freight shipping? Get in touch!

    Referring to the size of the cargo and the cargo transport requirements provided by our customers, the conditions of delivery and route, as well as the preparation of documentation related to cargo air transport or any accompanying documents, the transport managers of SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” provide free of charge professional consultations and full service safe and high-quality air cargo transportation by air.


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