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Rail freight transport

SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” provides reliable rail freight transport across Latvia and beyond its borders. Offering complete and combined freight rail transport at competitive prices, we manage local transports and cross several country borders in Europe and Asia. Providing a full rail freight service, SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” ensures the delivery of entrusted goods “from door to door”, organizing customs documentation and additional insurance for the cargo when necessary.

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Rail freight – safe freight transport

SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” provides rail freight services using rail transport in Central Europe, Southern Europe, and Eastern Europe. We assist our clients in safely transporting a variety of goods, offering extensive rail transport options and ensuring high quality in logistics services where participation, involvement, or assistance is needed.

Latvian rail freight transport

VAS “Latvijas dzelzceļš” subsidiary SIA “LDZ CARGO” is one of Europe’s largest rail freight carriers, offering covered wagons, semi-wagons, tankers, and platforms. The service also includes the provision of hopper wagon transport for cement, fertilizer, grain, and other bulk cargo.

Transparent tariffs and international destinations

SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” provides rail transport services, carrying goods in various European, and Asian countries, and/or between both continents. Our extensive network of partners offers access to international rail networks connected to terminals, ensuring that every rail cargo entrusted to SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” quickly and safely reaches its intended destination.

  • Southeast Asia, Central Asia to/from China and Europe
  • Central Asia to/from Europe
  • Turkey to/from the Nordic countries, Central and Northern Europe
  • Mediterranean countries to/from Europe.
Latvian rail freight transport

Specifics of rail freight transport

As with any freight transport, rail freight transport has specific considerations that need to be considered when transporting particular goods. Although rail transport provides several advantages, it’s essential to be aware of and consider the identified shortcomings of rail freight transport.


The significant advantages of rail transport for freight include reduced delivery time, precise and predictable departure schedules, maximum performance quality and load capacity.


The main drawbacks of rail transport for freight are the inability to tailor routes and times to transport requirements individually (insufficient infrastructure) and the relatively time-consuming and labour-intensive process of preparing for transport.

Types of rail freight wagons

SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” offers and ensures rail freight transport for even the most specific rail cargo deliveries in Latvia, the Baltics, other European countries, Asia, or between continents.

Considering the specific characteristics, dimensions, and loading/unloading conditions of our clients’ cargo, SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” transport managers will provide the most suitable rolling stock for each cargo (solid, liquid, oversized, heavy, ADR, and other types of cargo) to facilitate the current transport.

Closed wagons

Rail closed wagons

To protect cargo from external environmental influences (sun, rain, snow, wind), rail freight transport is provided with closed wagons (covered wagons).

Rail semi-wagons

Rail semi-wagons

Rail freight transport in semi-wagons is conducted when it is not necessary to protect the cargo from external environmental influences (wagons without roofs).

Rail tanker

Rail tanker

Tankers in rail freight transport are used for transporting liquid cargo, including liquefied gas and powdered substances.

Self-discharging wagon

Rail wagon – self-discharging

Bulk cargo and cargo transported in large volumes are carried out using a rail wagon – self-discharging, ensuring mechanized unloading.

Rail platform

Rail platform

Rail platforms are used if transportation must be ensured for containers, heavyweight or oversized cargo, or bulk cargo without protection from external environmental influences.

Transport with container trains

Rail freight transport with container trains

A successful solution for consolidated rail freight transport to/from China and other Asian countries is container trains, which can consist of several dozens of cargo containers.

Need to transport cargo by rail?

Whatever your rail freight transport needs, contact SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” transport managers for a free consultation from knowledgeable specialists and find tailored, individual solutions for rail freight transport.


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