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Transportation of animals

SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” offers various services, including animal transportation and vehicles for animal transportation within Latvia and abroad. Depending on the mode and scale of animal transportation selected, SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” takes exceptional care of each entrusted agricultural or pet animal, ensuring gentle transport along various routes from pickup to delivery, minimizing stress factors that may arise during transportation.

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Transportation of animals abroad

The transportation of animals to and from abroad is organized and conducted following all animal welfare requirements, as well as import and export regulations of the destination country.

SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” handles documentation related to the import, export, and transit of animal transportation and advises on other necessary documents for clients (for example, the need for a veterinary certificate, vaccination certificate, pet passport, and other documents).

Animal transportation abroad

Safe solutions for animal transportation

SIA “RITLOGISTIKA”’s knowledgeable and experienced transport managers ensure professional animal transportation services, ensuring every pet or livestock feels as comfortable as possible during transport and meeting all fundamental needs (feeding, drinking, resting, etc.).

Depending on the number of animals, the route, specific needs, and the budget planned for transportation, SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” ensures gentle, fast, and safe transport, regardless of the destination. SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” provides high-quality animal transportation while adhering to established animal welfare standards.

Transportation of animals

Livestock transportation

SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” conducts certified animal transportation, offering livestock transport within Latvia, the European Union, and beyond. Regularly providing livestock transportation between the Baltic States (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia), SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” also carries out livestock exports to third countries such as Georgia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and others, assigning appropriate livestock transport vehicles for these journeys.

Pet transportation services

Pet transportation services

Depending on the planned weight and size of the pet, SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” performs pet transportation both by land using suitable vehicles and by air using aviation services. For transporting dogs and cats in an aircraft cabin, the popular service provided by the airline “airBaltic” allows pet transport, with an allowable size of the bag, container, or crate being 55 x 40 x 23 cm and a total weight of up to 12 kg.

What is worth knowing about animal transportation?

What are the rules and regulations for animal transportation?

The Cabinet of Ministers’ rules for animal transportation in Latvia and the related European Parliament and Council regulations specify the procedure and requirements for conducting animal transportation. These rules also define the process for issuing and registering vehicle permits for animal transportation and the animal transporter permit, obtained based on a training program on animal welfare during transport.

What documents and vaccinations are necessary for animal transportation?

The necessary animal transportation documents can vary in European or world countries. For animal transportation, the required documents are prepared accements of the respective country’s nation requirementsal legislation.
In the European Union, unified animal transportation requirements are specified for non-commercial movement, which applies only to dogs, cats, and ferrets.

What are considered pets?

A pet is a non-productive species animal, cared for and bred by the owner without the intention of being used for human consumption. Pets most commonly travelling are dogs, cats, domestic ferrets, or other animals (rodents, reptiles, amphibians, etc.), moving with their owner or an authorized person for non-commercial purposes (i.e., without the intention of selling or transferring property rights of the pet to another person).

What are the cost factors associated with animal transportation?

The cost range associated with animal transportation can be extensive. Depending on the required mode of transport and the possibilities of adhering to animal welfare requirements, the volume of cargo or the animal’s parameters, and the necessary delivery speed for the specific route. Additionally, extra costs may be associated with customs formalities depending on the route.

What are the available modes of transport for animal transportation?

Using aviation services, the fastest way to transport a pet over long distances and avoid prolonged stress is by aeroplane. Animal transportation by road or rail can take several hours or even days, unlike air transport, which often lasts a few minutes to several hours.

What are the responsibilities and insurance options for animal transportation?

SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” has valid CMR insurance for all vehicles. However, transportation involving live animals is not included in cargo CMR insurance. To protect animals or livestock during transport from accidents and other life-related risks that can lead to emotional and financial losses, it is recommended to insure the transported animals with insurance brokers.

What should be considered when transporting animals?

When carrying out animal transportation, it is essential to consider the regulations issued by the specific country governing the transportation within the country and the export of animals from it. Similarly, the regulations of the country to which the specific animal or livestock is to be delivered must be observed.

SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” knowledgeable transport managers will advise and help organize the transport-related documentation for animal transportation, considering the compliance of the animal’s veterinary documents with the requirements of the regulating services.

Transporter permit

For animal transportation, animal transporter permits are required. These permits are issued and registered by the Food and Veterinary Service (PVD). Transporter permits are issued for short-distance transportation (if the trip is planned for up to 8 hours) and long-distance transit (if the trip is planned for over 8 hours).

Transport journal

A transport journal is required for transporting non-registered equine family animals, sheep, goats, cattle, and pig species pets. The transport journal consists of five informational sections with entries. These are planning, departure location, destination, transporter declaration, and deviation report.

Pet passport

The rules for transporting cats, domestic ferrets, and dogs stipulate that a pet passport is mandatory when travelling. It includes information about the pet and its vaccinations and the owner and the veterinarian who issued the passport. Other transported pets are subject to the respective country’s regulatory acts.