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Sea cargo charter

The company SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” offers and provides sea cargo charter services to its clients as a part of its extensive logistics services. Sea cargo chartering is carried out according to the cargo’s type, size, and volume and the respective transportation route. SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” not only offers freight ships for specific transportation trips but also provides freight for certain cargo volumes or offers ship rental for a set period. SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” includes accompanying documentation, extra insurance, and customs services.

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Ship freight services

SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” provides ship freighting on unlimited routes worldwide, engaging reliable international partners with verified service quality.

Routes and destinations

Our most popular ship freights are on routes through the Baltic, North, and Mediterranean Sea. We have frequently undertaken ship freights, ensuring transportation across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and freighting ships from Europe or Asia to the USA.

Types of cargo

SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” ensures ship freighting for all types of cargo, whether timber, petroleum products, prefabricated modular homes, or oversized cargo. We offer and provide ship freighting for general cargo, liquid cargo in tankers, and oversized and container cargo.

Understanding our client’s needs for specific cargo transportation, SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” prepares individual solutions for ship freighting that rationally meet the cargo specifics and the client’s desires.

Ship freight services

The sea cargo charter process

Just as companies sometimes rent real estate for manufacturing or business activities, companies sometimes rent trucks or ships for cargo transportation. Renting a ship is called freight ship charter.

At the company, SIA “RITLOGISTIKA”, the ship freighting process begins with the client’s request for shipping freight and providing detailed information to the transport manager about the transportation route and the cargo to be freighted, its volume, and specifics.

Using a wide range of worldwide partners and contacts, SIA “RITLOGISTIKA”’s experienced transport managers can quickly develop an optimal offer for the client, ensuring transportation with a ship suitable for the cargo.

The freight contract outlines the terms of the ship rental and responsibilities, as well as the rental fee (freight) for the service. The ship freighting contract, made between the orderer (freighter) and the ship owner, is called a “Charterparty” in English.

Main advantages of ship freighting

Ship freighting, which ensures the transportation of oversized cargo volumes by sea or ocean from one port to another, includes several significant advantages related to ship freighting. In addition to the simultaneous transportation of a large cargo volume from point A to point B, one of the main advantages of ship freighting, it also includes several benefits related to the company’s financial flow and management.

For example, the possibility to optimize taxes is linked to tax reliefs, thereby reducing net costs. Also, in some cases, companies transporting a large volume of raw materials for specific projects can align their monthly ship freight expenses with the expected revenue and project duration. Moreover, the freight contract is not considered a long-term obligation nor reflected as a debt in the financial statement.

Greater capacity

Thanks to the large capacity of the ship, a large volume of cargo, such as building materials for a construction project, can be transported simultaneously during a single voyage.

Flexible terms

Freighting contracts are usually short-term, reducing risks for all parties involved, freighting trips according to market conditions and demand, which is essential, for instance, in macroeconomic changes (especially downturns).

Additional services

When freighting a ship, several additional services are often provided, such as cargo storage and customs services, “door-to-door” cargo delivery, and other services.

Ship freighting options

Several ship freighting (rental) options are available. Knowledgeable and experienced SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” transport managers will recommend and provide the most favourable ship freight options for each cargo type and freight request, tailored to specific client goals and transportation needs.

As needed, we can provide freighting for container ships (cargo transported in containers, e.g., building materials), bulk cargo ships (unpacked cargo, e.g., grains), or tanker ships (liquid cargo, e.g., fuel or gas).

Ship rental or ship freight

Ship rental is available for various ship types, freighted for transportation, depending on client desires and cargo specifics. The rented ship ensures the transportation of the cargo volume on routes relevant to the client.

Trip rental or trip freight

Trip rental is the most commonly used type of ship freighting for transportation between ports, where the trip rental fee in the contract can either be fixed in advance or conditional according to the cargo’s weight or volume.

Time rental or time freight

Based on the previously concluded contract, which stipulates and defines requirements, procedures, and terms for ship chartering, the chartering of a cargo ship is carried out for a specified time or period.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between full chartering and partial chartering?

Depending on the size or dimensions of the cargo intended for a particular transport, the chartering or leasing of a ship distinguishes between two types of ship chartering possibilities. One type is the chartering of the entire ship, which is “full chartering,” while the other type is the chartering of space on the ship corresponding to the dimensions of the cargo, which is “partial chartering.”

What is the approximate time required to charter a ship from one place to another?

The time for chartering ships for different transports and on various routes can vary. Typically, the chartering of a ship takes about one month. The general communication guidelines and the manner of cooperation between the involved parties mainly influence the chartering time.

Is additional documentation or customs formalities required to charter a ship?

As with any international cargo transportation conducted outside the European Union or with third-world countries, all binding customs formalities are arranged, and complete information about the cargo is submitted to charter a ship.

Is it possible to insure the cargo transported by ship?

Being above water, cargo is subjected to risks posed by the external environment and the influence of natural elements, which can cause losses. Therefore, it is possible to insure the cargo transported by ship, but SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” also recommends doing so.

What are the economic benefits or advantages of ship chartering compared to other modes of transportation?

Compared to other modes of transportation, ship chartering involves several benefits related to a company’s financial flow and management, which can be achieved by optimizing transportation costs.