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Warehousing services

The company SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” takes care of providing full-service logistics and cargo transportation, offering its clients the opportunity to store a variety of cargo types, both full and consolidated loads (FTL and LTL), in warehouses adapted and suitable for the content of the goods. Warehouse services are provided not only in Riga or the major cities of Latvia but also elsewhere in Europe and the world, carrying out international cargo transportation. The experienced transport managers of SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” recommend and ensure the best options for current warehouse services.

Warehouses and warehouse services

SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” provides various types of warehouses adapted for cargo content, regardless of the required storage period, cargo volume, or specific characteristics. We offer placing goods and cargo in customs, excise, and warehouses for medicines or with temperature control. Whatever the type of warehouse services required, our company’s competent transport managers will create a solution to satisfy even the most challenging client needs.

What is included in warehouse services?

To provide the broadest and most client-tailored warehouse and cargo storage services, SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” offers a service including:

  • Short-term and long-term storage of goods;
  • Loading and unloading of cargo;
  • Distribution of goods;
  • Formation of imports and exports;
  • Cargo weighing, counting, and securing;
  • Sorting and labeling of goods;
  • Cargo assembly;
  • Warehouse logistics;
  • Goods accounting and inventory.

Contact the transport managers of SIA “RITLOGISTIKA”, and we will provide a suitable solution for current warehouse services for your business and private needs!

Apply for a consultation and find the most suitable warehouse for your business!

    Warehouse classification, according to EU standards

    According to European Union standards, warehouses are divided into four classes. The warehouse classification considers the accessibility of the warehouse, its location, functionality, and equipment with technological devices and various communication or security systems, which enhance the logistics possibilities offered by warehouse services. Warehouse classifications are denoted by the first letters of the Latin alphabet: A, B, C, and D, which facilitate decision-making for appropriate goods and cargo storage.

    • Class A warehouse – located near major highways and equipped with the highest quality technological and security standards. The ceiling height is > 10 m;
    • Class B warehouse – spacious and adapted for vehicle manoeuvres with a parking lot. The warehouse is equipped with modern technologies. The ceiling height is up to 8 m;
    • Class C warehouse – set up in an industrial area and adapted according to warehouse standards, with the possibility of indoor cargo loading/unloading. The ceiling height is from 4 m;
    • Class D warehouse – suitable for placing goods and cargo without the possibility of providing specific storage conditions for the cargo. It can be set up in a basement or production premises.

    Warehouse for simple storage of your goods

    SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” provides both short-term and long-term storage services for goods and oversized/ non-oversized cargo, suitable for the current needs of various industry companies or simple cargo placement in secure areas or indoors.

    Like legal entities, private individuals are also provided with safe and reliable warehouse services for storing personal belongings and items for the desired term, guaranteeing modern security solutions throughout the storage period.

    How do you choose the right warehouse?

    The correct choice of a warehouse for placing goods and various items is directly related to ensuring the efficiency of a company’s operations and fulfilling significant financial investment tasks. When choosing the necessary space for cargo storage, technological solutions are considered, which will be required for the cargo storage and processing, performing quality cargo loading, unloading, or transhipment works with appropriate equipment. Also, the zoning of warehouse premises and convenient vehicle manoeuvring possibilities should be considered.

    Warehouse services

    Types of warehouses based on functionality

    Depending on the purpose for which the warehouse is used, they can be divided in various ways based on construction (for example, open, closed, or partially closed warehouses), type of storage (for example, dry, heated, insulated warehouses), and degree of automation (for example, automated, mechanized, non-mechanized warehouses).

    • General warehouses – Provide storage of goods and cargo, performing, if necessary, the processing of goods and cargo.
    • Specialized warehouses – Special warehouses, for example, for temporary storage of materials or placement of returnable waste.
    • Temperature-controlled warehouses – The cargo is maintained at a specific temperature during storage (from -24°C to +22°C).
    • Customs warehouses – Temporarily store cargo or goods in the customs zone (for example, imported or transit goods).
    • Excise goods warehouses – Operate with a permit issued by the customs unit and provide storage of excise goods (for example, tobacco or alcohol).
    • Automated warehouses – Management uses computers (placement and search) with little or no human resource participation.
    • ADR warehouses – Storage of dangerous goods (ADR) and their classes.
    • Central warehouses – Adapted to economic activities, a warehouse complex.

    Valuable information about warehouse services and goods storage

    What are the costs of warehouse services?

    Depending on the composition of the goods or cargo and additional activities for warehouse services, which are not limited to storage but may also include, for example, sorting, labelling, assembling, or other activities, the costs of warehouse rent or warehouse services mainly depend on the area of the class of warehouse used for cargo storage and the duration of cargo storage in it.

    What kind of goods can be stored in a warehouse?

    SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” offers warehouse services and specific cargo storage or placement in appropriate spaces or secured areas. We provide warehouse services for food products or flowers (warehouses with temperature control) or for alcohol and tobacco (excise warehouses), as well as storage for building materials and large equipment or cargo (open or closed warehouses), and also offer hazardous cargo (ADR) warehouse services.
    No matter what type of goods need warehouse services, SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” transport managers provide suitable solutions to your questions.

    How is the safety of goods ensured in the warehouse?

    The safety of goods in warehouses is taken care of by professional and trained warehouse staff who adhere to occupational safety requirements. For the work process, not only is proven and functioning warehouse equipment used (for example, equipment with a warning sound and/or light signal for loading or unloading) but also the participation of additional security systems, which monitor fire safety functions, as well as perform video surveillance and person recognition.

    Are additional services available in the warehouse, such as packing, labelling, and inventory?

    Depending on the classification of the used warehouse, most often warehouse services, in addition to the storage or placement of goods and cargo in the appropriate indoor space and/or area, also include additional services, including goods packing, labelling, inventory and accounting, cargo consolidation, sorting, and distribution of goods, if necessary and provided by the previously agreed terms for providing warehouse services.

    Is it possible to store dangerous goods or special materials in the warehouse?

    In warehouse services, individual materials, dangerous goods, and materials with specific dangerous characteristics are provided with the necessary storage conditions, observing all their special requirements. Not only about the storage location but also in maintaining this place, the marking guidelines for hazardous goods and their sites, fire safety measures, dangerous goods accounting, and other documentation provisions are observed.

    Customs warehouse services