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Oversize freight transportation

SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” is a logistics service provider with experience in organizing the transportation of oversized and out-of-gauge cargo within Latvia and internationally. Oversized cargo transportation by land and sea is a refined speciality of SIA “RITLOGISTIKA”, but we also ensure large cargo transportation by air.

Oversized cargoes are usually significantly larger or heavier than regular ones, requiring specialized vehicles. This type of transport is considered one of the most complex, as it demands special attention to road infrastructure and additional technical nuances that would not be important in standard cases.

Oversize and heavy cargo transportation

Transportation of oversized cargo in international freight often involves routes to Scandinavia, the Balkans, and Western European countries.

Among the most popular SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” routes are Austria, Germany, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, and other countries where various types of vehicles are used for out-of-gauge shipments. We have extensive experience in delivering different kinds of machinery and equipment.

  • Delivery of agricultural machinery (tractors and harvesters).
  • Delivery of road construction machinery.
  • Delivery of industrial machinery.
  • Delivery of modular homes.

SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” is competent in out-of-gauge cargo transportation and provides services, including developing special transport permits. Using modern solutions for out-of-gauge cargo transportation, we help optimize the cargo delivery process, handle necessary customs procedures, and provide consultation on document preparation. SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” delivers the current cargo to a secured short-term or long-term storage facility if needed.

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    Additional information

    Quote for oversized cargo transportation

    Oversized cargo transport

    In organizing oversized cargo transportation and planning the most effective routes, the total transportation cost includes the expenses for the designated transport and costs related to obtaining necessary permits, including customs formalities. If the transportation of oversized cargo requires escort vehicles, special additional equipment for loading and/or unloading, or specific cargo securing methods, these expenses are also included in the total quote for the oversized transport.

    SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” recommends and assists clients in arranging full insurance for the cargo to minimize potential financial losses due to damage to the oversized freight during transportation.

    What is the oversize cargo transportation process?

    Oversized cargoes (also known as large-scale, non-standard, and heavy cargoes) differ from standard cargoes in their significantly larger dimensions and weight. This type of transport is justifiably considered one of the most complex, where the process initially requires careful pre-planning, considering every fine detail of the cargo’s specifics and the chosen route.

    SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” long-standing experience in transporting oversized cargoes has strengthened its knowledge and skill in understanding potential risks to professionally evaluate the safety of each oversized transport during the actual route.

    1. Planning

    Based on the specific parameters, weight, and route of the oversized cargo, preliminary transport planning allows SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” clients to identify the best possible offer for safely transporting the cargo to the designated destination in the appropriate vehicle. Initial planning of oversized cargo transportation is essential for local and international shipments.

    2. Coordination

    One of the most time-consuming processes for oversized cargoes before the execution of the route is coordinating ancillary conditions. This means pre-coordinating compliance with regulatory restrictions, checking heavy cargo permits, or verifying adherence to oversized and heavy cargo transportation rules. It is also essential to ensure continuous access to road infrastructure, with the ability to cross bridges or electrical lines.

    3. Loading / Unloading

    Oversized cargo transport often exceeds not only the weight of standard cargo but also one of the dimension-limiting sizes; hence, it is essential to provide not only the appropriate transportation technology but also to involve a professional loader and provide suitable lifting capacity equipment for loading/unloading, capable of performing a wide range of operations.

    4. Permits

    Oversized cargo transport regulations in each country operate according to their national norms. SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” ensures that all necessary oversized cargo transport permits are obtained and registered. We also arrange for escort vehicles and police escorts, adhering to safe road traffic rules during cargo transportation and minimizing the impact on other traffic or safety.

    Oversized cargo transportation in Latvia and worldwide

    Commonly transported oversized cargoes include industrial machinery, agricultural machinery, production equipment, and houses, such as container-type or modular homes. In planning such transports in Latvia, SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” transport managers ensure compliance with the Latvian Republic’s regulations regarding escort vehicles.

    For international oversized transports, for the sake of time efficiency and cost optimization, at least a couple of types of oversized cargo transport, such as combining road transport with sea freight, are often combined within the route.

    In Latvia, as elsewhere in the world, oversized cargo transports by land, using various types of vehicles are popular.

    • Trailers with multiple axles and platforms (including platforms for container transport).
    • Platforms equipped with manipulators.
    • Extendable and expandable platforms.
    • Low-floor platforms (height 300 to 400 mm/weight up to 45t; height 850 to 920 mm/weight up to 95t).


    Modular home delivery

    Modular home transportation and delivery

    With the growing significance of modular and prefabricated home manufacturers in the Latvian economy, the transportation of entirely manufactured and ready homes on low-floor platforms has become very popular within Latvia, Scandinavia and various European countries. To ensure the timely or budgeted delivery of oversized cargo to the client, SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” offers to combine land-based oversized transport with sea transport for modular home shipments.


    Agricultural machinery transportation

    Agricultural machinery transportation

    SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” provides tested and safe oversized or heavy agricultural machinery transport within Latvia, the Baltic States, and elsewhere in Europe. New and used farming machinery are transported from manufacturers, dealers, and auction houses across Europe. Using SIA “RITLOGISTIKA”’s oversized transport services, agricultural and forestry machinery such as tractors, combines, seed drills and planters, cultivators, grain tanks, and other agricultural machinery have been transported.


    Production equipment transportatio

    Production equipment transportation

    As demand for various types of manufactured products grows, more production companies are becoming SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” clients, for whom we provide transportation of newly acquired production equipment from different European countries, such as the Netherlands, France, and Italy. SIA “RITLOGISTIKA”’s experience includes transporting oversized production equipment like woodworking production machines, metalworking and electricity production equipment (including wind generators), printing production equipment, and others.


    Road construction machinery delivery

    Road construction machinery delivery

    Among SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” clients are several road construction companies, for whom we have provided oversized road construction machinery deliveries not only in Latvia but also in Lithuania and Estonia.  SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” has extensive experience in transporting oversized cargo such as excavators, wheel excavators, bulldozers, articulated dump trucks, graders, vibratory plates, as well as various types of loaders, rollers, and other road construction machinery.

    Permits for oversized cargo transportation

    Considering that oversized cargoes do not have limited cargo dimension restrictions (the cargo’s dimensions and maximum allowable weight are not defined), non-standard cargo transports can only be ensured with special cargo platforms or specially adapted cargo semi-trailers, which are granted special permits for large-scale or heavy transport.

    There are three types of permits for oversized cargo transportation.

    One-time permit

    Valid for 5 days and nights.

    The one-time permit operates within a specific route, allowing an oversized transport to be carried out once for a single indivisible cargo.

    Long-term permit

    Valid for a specified term, not exceeding 12 months.

    Long-term permits are issued when the nature of the work anticipates frequent and repeated oversized transports.

    Free permit

    There is no fixed term of validity, and does not need to be renewed.

    Free permits are issued to owners of agricultural machinery for the transportation of divisible timber and oversized agrarian products.

    In the territory of Latvia, oversized, large-scale, and heavy cargo transports are permitted only after obtaining one of the permits above, allowing pre-approved oversized cargo transports along a planned route, adhering to established standards and safety regulations.

    The granted transport permit must be kept in the vehicle throughout the transport for oversized international cargo transports. Within a month after using any granted permit, the carrier must return the oversized and heavy transport permit to the Road Transport Directorate.

    Safety and traffic organization

    In carrying out oversized cargo transports, where the dimensions of the cargo or the designated transport vehicle significantly exceed the allowable dimensions in road traffic, an escort vehicle is additionally assigned to maintain and adhere to traffic safety in the oversized cargo transport route. At least two escort vehicles are assigned when escorting several oversized or heavy vehicles.

    Two types of escort vehicles are used depending on the width and length of the oversized transport vehicle.

    • M1 category mechanical vehicle (equipped with orange/yellow flashing lights): if the oversized vehicle’s width is 3.5–4 m or length is 24–30 m.
    • State police road police vehicle: if the oversized vehicle’s width exceeds 4 m or length exceeds 30 m. Also, if additional measures are required for traffic regulation or if the opposite lane of traffic is occupied.
    Traffic organization

    In the route of an oversized cargo transport, SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” provides the participation of an escort vehicle and, depending on the specifics of the cargo, also organizes police escort accompaniment.

    To make an oversized vehicle noticeable in road traffic, it is also permitted to mark it with a flashing light (orange or yellow) placed at the front and rear of the vehicle. Depending on the overall length of the oversized vehicle, it must be equipped with traffic-visible lights of appropriate colours (the colours and placement distances of the lights are based on the applicable regulations), drawing the attention of surrounding traffic.

    SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” competent transport managers ensure that, regardless of whether it is an oversized cargo, large-scale cargo, or heavy cargo transport, all preconditions related to transport safety are observed during the transportation. Particular attention is paid to maintaining a safe distance from other traffic participants during both daylight and nighttime hours, thereby reducing risks that could arise in unforeseen circumstances on the road.

    Oversized and heavy cargo regulations

    An oversized vehicle transports a large-scale cargo where at least one dimension exceeds the permissible size in road traffic. On the other hand, with a heavy vehicle, a significant weight of cargo is transported, where the actual mass or axle load on the vehicle exceeds the restrictive transport weight in the area.

    Oversized air cargo

    SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” monitors that during the transportation of oversized and heavy cargoes, the cargo transport rules regulated in the respective country’s territory are adhered to, determining the procedure for issuing binding transport permits and how cargo transports are carried out. The regulations for oversized and heavy cargoes apply to carriers where the cargo-carrying vehicle’s dimensions, actual mass, or axle load on the road exceed the rules and permissible norms set in each specific country.

    Depending on the specific parameters of the oversized cargo, SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” evaluates and ensures the diversion of the appropriate vehicle for the particular task. Any transports of oversized and heavy cargoes where the cargo is outside the dimensions are permissible only with vehicles appropriate for the cargo specifics, having obtained a pre-coordinated transport permit and not violating restrictions.

    What else should be known about oversized cargo transportation?

    What is oversized cargo?

    Oversized cargo is any cargo that, in size and weight, is larger than the permissible dimensions allowed to be transported with standard road transport in a cargo trailer or semi-trailer. SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” develops an offer and finds a solution for any non-standard or oversized cargo for the current transport.

    What is the allowed cargo length?

    The allowed cargo length in different countries’ administrative territories can vary. Each country’s regulatory rules define how long a cargo can be transported within the country’s borders. The generally accepted allowed cargo length is most often up to 24m. Once this mark is exceeded, the cargo is defined as oversized.

    At what cargo dimensions is additional route investigation required?

    Additional investigation is required if the cargo placed on the vehicle exceeds a length of 24 m, a width of 5 m, a height of 5 m, a total mass of 52 t, and an axle load of 13 t. For international transport, restrictions may differ, and additional route investigation may be requested.

    Receive a custom offer for transporting oversized cargo

    SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” knowledgeable and experienced transport managers will take care of a custom offer for transporting oversized cargo, offering the most successful solution in the choice of vehicle and safe route plan. Also, document preparation is provided, including all necessary permits that must be coordinated and organized before carrying out the specific transport.

    We ensure the safe transportation of oversized cargo for our clients, utilizing our experience and our reliable partners’ professional knowledge to prepare and provide unique solutions for oversized cargo transports. Based on years of proven experience and expertise, we ensure convincingly the best service and professional consultations so that the oversized cargoes entrusted to us safely reach every destination in Latvia and beyond Latvia’s borders.


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