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Freight transportation

The company SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” provides a continuous flow of freight transportation for various export and import companies across at least 35 regular cross-border routes 10-12 times a week. This result is achieved with the company’s 30 vehicles and through cooperation with partners, whom we engage to ensure flexibility and fulfilment of customer needs on required routes. SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” offers secure freight transportation, saving clients’ time and resources.

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Freight transportation to and from anywhere in the world

To facilitate international trade, SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” provides a wide range of goods delivery to any destination on the route from anywhere in the world. Whether it be parcel transportation from England to Latvia or goods delivery from China. Depending on the specifics of the cargo or the desired delivery time, we provide transportation using extensive land transport options, as well as sea, air, or rail transport.

SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” is responsible for ensuring that each entrusted item is received and delivered to the right place at the agreed time and in impeccable condition. Regardless of the cargo size or chosen mode of transportation, SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” experienced transportation managers ensure that all deliveries are made with high quality, offering the best price proposal for delivery.

Latvia and the world

Express deliveries

Express deliveries of goods are carried out by adjusting the transport to the specific cargo and its contents. Most often, SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” conducts express deliveries for short routes using cargo minibuses, while for longer routes, faster deliveries are ensured by using air transport.


In Latvia and international freight transportation, SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” provides goods delivery with “door-to-door” service, ensuring that each entrusted cargo reaches its final destination safely and in the shortest possible time.

24/7 Support

Each SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” client is assigned an individual transportation manager who provides professional consultations, prepares the most successful transportation offer, and ensures maximum support throughout the transportation in case of any non-standard situations outside the planned course of events.

Customized freight transportation services and solutions

Thanks to SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” extensive fleet capabilities and more than 20 years of successful company operation with reliable partners, we can provide transport tailored to the cargo and professional solutions for various goods transportation. This includes preparing customs documentation, providing warehouse services, arranging cargo insurance, and other services.

For local goods transportation in Latvia, large and small cargo transportation is carried out in the shortest possible delivery terms. Similarly, we strive to ensure that, for example, international freight transportation from England to Latvia is executed in the shortest possible fulfilment period, considering customs procedures. According to the cargo and client needs, SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” provides a variety of transportation with refrigerators, tankers, or various-size platforms.

Cargo transport in Latvia

Logistics in Latvia

Local goods transportation in Latvia is ensured by transporting full loads, combined loads, and parcel transportation, assigning various size land transport or express deliveries – minibuses. SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” also carries out local goods transportation for oversized and heavy cargo transported on different size platforms.

International cargo transport

International freight forwarding

According to previously determined international freight routes and their delivery times, SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” offers a wide range of foreign transportation options to ensure the movement of various standard and oversized cargoes for their transportation in the Baltics, Europe, and other countries. Land transport, rail, air, and sea transportation are used.

Refrigerated cargo transport

Refrigerated freight

SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” offers a wide range of refrigerated transport options, including the transportation of food and medical goods. Refrigerators often carry frozen or chilled food or products requiring specific and controlled temperatures. They are also used for transporting various pharmaceuticals, chemicals, hazardous goods (ADR), and flowers.

Questions and answers about freight transportation

How can companies reduce logistics costs and improve efficiency in freight transportation?

Multimodal transportation can be provided to optimize costs and efficiency in freight transportation. This means that various types of cargo transportation and their key advantages (speed, cost, etc.) can be combined within a particular route.

What are the most common mistakes in international freight transportation?

The most common mistakes made by goods senders in international freight transportation vary – ranging from incorrectly given cargo dimensions (excessive weight or volume) to the transporter, incorrectly stated loading or delivery address, or poorly prepared customs documentation.

What role does insurance play in freight transportation, and how do you choose it?

Freight transportation insurance protects the goods owner or sender from potential material and financial losses in case of damaged or lost goods in the cargo. Clients are advised to insure against loss of unearned profits when choosing freight transportation insurance.

What role does supply chain management play in logistics?

Supply chain management and its application in logistics play a very crucial role. It involves sequential and predictable production and delivery execution, incorporating transport, storage, and information provision, which is related to various formalities.

Planning logistics processes for cost optimization

To ensure quality and rapid flow of goods in both local and international transportation, the involvement of professional and experienced transportation managers in effective logistics process planning is crucial. It provides expert-level recommendations and rationalizes several planning processes associated with the current goods transportation, which in turn provides cost optimization for the client or sender.

For the planning and provision of cargo or goods transportation, our existing and new clients save financial resources and reduce the delivery time associated with cargo transportation. SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” knowledgeable transportation managers undertake the responsibility for ensuring several sequential actions in the transportation process:

Freight transportation planning

Appropriate choice of delivery and mode of transport and chartering

Optimal delivery route preparation, developing a delivery schedule and analyzing associated costs

Ensuring customs procedures and cargo insurance

Providing storage and warehouse services

Trust the delivery and transportation of your goods to professionals!

SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” transport managers provide professional consultations and develop custom-tailored freight transportation proposals for each client. By optimizing both the route and delivery time, the most efficient method of cargo transportation is offered to the client. Within their capabilities, our transport managers will fulfil as wide a range of client requirements as possible, ensuring maximally efficient goods delivery.

If you wish to discover the costs or transportation possibilities for a particular freight shipment – trust SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” and contact our professional transport managers!