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Relocation service

The company SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” provides local and international freight transportation and offers relocation services for individuals, changing residences, and companies planning office relocation or the transfer of production from one location to another. The relocation service is available not only in Latvia but elsewhere in Europe and outside the European Union. SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” provides full-service relocation services, including packing, assembly, disposal, and other tasks.





Relocation service for individuals and companies

SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” relocation service is available to private individuals planning a move to a new residence and companies needing to relocate offices or other company spaces (such as warehouses, production workshops, etc.) to another location in Latvia or abroad. We provide storage services for the safekeeping of private and company belongings.

By coordinating the relocation process in advance with our clients – both individuals and legal entities – the SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” professional team ensures that every item, piece of furniture, or equipment entrusted to us is moved safely and with a high sense of responsibility to the client’s desired delivery address.

We will organize your relocation quickly and conveniently

SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” will organize any relocation and take care of the gentle and safe transportation of private or company belongings. Our professional team ensures that the carefully planned relocation process from one address to another is transparent, fast, and convenient.

Cooperating with SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” you will get:

  • A dedicated SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” transport manager
  • A detailed and clear offer
  • Appropriate transport
  • Professional movers

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    Move to any place without worries

    Regardless of the planned relocation route, SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” provides an appropriate offer and solution for private individuals and companies. Thanks to more than 20 years of experience in transport services, freight transportation, and logistics, SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” quickly and efficiently carries out and ensures quality service so that relocation to any place is worry-free.

    Both local and international relocation and moving services are based on experienced and professional employees with a high sense of responsibility, so feedback from our clients on the SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” provided relocation service is essential to us to continue developing the range of services offered.

    Local furniture transport

    Relocation within Latvia

    For personal or company belongings relocation within Latvia’s borders, SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” ensures transportation from and to any address, offering the safest and most convenient way of moving belongings, including packing and unpacking services, furniture assembly, disposal, storage, or other services if necessary.

    Relocation abroad

    Relocation to and from abroad

    Together with SIA “RITLOGISTIKA”, relocation to and from abroad to Latvia or between European countries is particularly thoughtfully ensured. By timely requesting the international relocation service, our specialists offer the best, most appropriate, and safest solution for each service request. We handle the customs documentation for import/export procedures if necessary.

    Full-service relocation services

    Providing transportation suitable for the cargo and its volume, SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” offers full-service relocation services, transporting belongings and cargo packing, storage, and pre/post-relocation cleaning services. We also perform furniture assembly, disassembly, and disposal upon prior agreement.

    If the relocation is planned to or from countries outside the European Union, SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” prepares the necessary customs procedures and documentation for the cargo and will also recommend whom to contact for additional cargo insurance.

    Furniture assembly

    The company SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” provides high-quality and reliable services from craftsmen who perform furniture assembly not only in Latvia but also outside Latvia.

    • Assembly of newly purchased furniture
    • Assembly of used and disassembled furniture
    • Furniture disassembly

    Transportation of belongings and furniture

    Our company, SIA “RITLOGISTIKA”, performs safe and careful transportation of belongings and furniture “from door to door” to any destination, regardless of location.

    • Transport fleet suitable for cargo dimensions
    • Transportation of belongings and furniture in Latvia and Europe

    Disposal of belongings

    If it is necessary to clear living or office spaces of furniture that has worn out and is no longer needed in the household or company, SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” provides the disposal of furniture, equipment, and belongings.

    • We dispose of furniture, household appliances, and various equipment
    • Disposal of belongings in Latvia and Europe

    How much does relocation cost?

    SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” transport managers prepare an individually tailored relocation cost proposal for each client based on the specific transport costs or additional expenses (cargo dimensions, route, possible complications (floor) and facilitators (elevator), etc.).

    The price of the relocation service depends on several cost-influencing factors:

    • Cargo volume
    • Cargo route and transportation complexity (e.g., moving items through a window)
    • Cargo specifics (e.g., glass items)
    • Rigging (e.g., large items)
    • Mode of transportation (e.g., transportation by car, rail, ship, or by air)
    • Urgency of relocation or execution time
    • And other factors or tasks

    Need transportation services? Get in touch!

    SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” transport managers will ensure that every client who has trusted us to transport their personal or company belongings in Latvia, the Baltics, and other countries is provided with a professional relocation service, fair pricing, and excellent quality execution.