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International freight forwarding

Following previously defined routes and delivery times, SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” offers a wide range of possibilities and specialized solutions for cargo transportation in the Baltics, Europe, Scandinavia, and elsewhere. Most often, cargo is delivered on pallets (Euro pallets, Finnish pallets, etc.) for international transit. Still, goods are frequently transported on platforms, containers, or anything currently relevant for our clients.

SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” ensures that clients are offered comprehensive transportation and distribution solutions, thus organizing air, sea, and rail freight transportation, as well as international land freight transportation, ensuring only those fleets which are licensed for international freight forwarding and have an international cargo transportation certificate.

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International freight forwarding services

For a long time, SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” has been offering road transportation that ensures the delivery of precious cargo on various routes. Oversized cargo and dangerous goods transportation (ADR) and air and sea cargo transportation are planned. To facilitate customs formalities for the client, customs broker services are provided.

All activities related to cargo transportation services at SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” are performed by experienced industry professionals. Our transportation managers and logistics specialists ensure and supervise that the international freight forwarding provided by the company is transparently planned and that SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” offers its clients easily comprehensible prices.

To avoid surprises, our transportation managers are always open to dialogue and new ideas, which allows us to collectively improve our services in the international freight segment, where we use both road transport and air and sea transport, delivering all kinds of cargo.

International freight

Road transportations in Europe

The most popular cargo deliveries by road transport are to and from European countries such as Poland, Germany, Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg), France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Estonia, and other countries where international road transportation are required as per the client’s request.

Operating in these countries’ markets, characterized by high-quality service and respectful communication requirements, SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” continuously improves and develops as the dynamic logistics environment demands quick reactions to changes or unusual situations. Various volume goods, packages, and cargoes are delivered in excellent quality, understanding each client’s specific needs.

Oversized cargo transport

Oversize freight

In oversized cargo transportation, SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” uses both standard and low-floor platforms and trailers, considering that international cargo transportation rules for large cargo are different in various countries. Depending on the client’s needs, providing platforms with and without manipulators is possible.

Dangerous goods transport

Hazardous freight

In transporting dangerous goods (ADR), special and particularly strict transportation conditions are observed, which must be adhered to during full or partial cargo transportation and during cargo transhipment or storage. SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” provides (ADR) transportation for all classes and subclasses of dangerous goods.

Railway freight transport

Rail freight

SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” ensures safe cargo transportation by rail, including the service’s processing, formation, and preparation of related documents. Rail transportation in wagons, half-wagons, or containers is a suitable solution for transporting cargo on long routes, focusing on the cargo’s large size and/or weight.

Multimodal transportation

Multimodal freight

For cargo transportation that combines and varies several types of cargo transport within one actual transportation route (for example, land and sea transport, rail or air transport), SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” offers to deliver cargo to any place in the world, regardless of the cargo’s size, type, or specific characteristics.

Refrigerated cargo transport

Refrigerated freight

Cargo transportation with refrigerators (REF) by SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” is provided by transporting cooled and frozen goods or ensuring a specifically constant temperature control throughout the cargo transportation. During refrigerator transportation, the cargo’s necessary storage temperature is maintained throughout the journey, regardless of external climate conditions.

Combined cargo transport

Consolidated freight

SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” offers to combine relatively small cargoes of various clients, different in dimensions and weight, but together forming a full cargo.  Thanks to this mode of transportation and the combination of several clients’ cargoes in one vehicle, it is possible to deliver cargo practically on any route, optimizing both the cargo transportation time and the transportation costs.

Reliable international freight forwarding

SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” has a team of professional transport managers who have long been able to transport large and extremely small but precious cargoes to and from several continents. By improving skills, abilities, and knowledge in international transportation and legislation, we have experienced a world without borders. In response to client requests, cargo specifics, and the planned transportation budget, our professional logistics specialists find the most advantageous, fastest, and most convenient method of transportation for the client and ensure that warehouse services are provided if necessary.

Express deliveries

Express cargo delivery

For relatively close and distant express route deliveries, SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” organizes cargo delivery to the desired destination as fast as possible, regardless of the cargo’s collection place and size. An appropriate vehicle is provided for transportation execution, offering air services and minibuses.

Sea freight transportation

Sea freight

SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” provides economical solutions for all types of sea cargo transportation in the Baltics, Europe, Asia, China, and elsewhere. These are considered one of the most popular methods of cargo delivery with comparatively low costs, ensuring “door-to-door” delivery.

Air cargo transport

Air freight

With air deliveries, SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” ensures fast, high-quality cargo delivery to the desired destination. Collaborating with airlines worldwide, we offer quality service and incomparably faster transportation execution than other types of transportation at reasonable prices.

Secure logistics solutions

Insured cargo

Insured cargo

Evaluating potential risks in each transportation entrusted to us, we advise our clients to opt for additional cargo insurance alongside the existing CMR insurance included in our logistics services, especially when transporting fragile and very valuable or even unique cargo. Additional cargo insurance allows the sender or recipient of the cargo to timely secure against possible material losses that could occur if the cargo is damaged.

Predictable costs

Pre-agreed and coordinated prices

Before each international cargo transportation, SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” prepares a price offer for the client, which includes not only the transport price but also, taking into account the client’s needs and cargo specifics, the price for potential additional expenses that may arise during cargo transportation.

International goods flow is a very dynamic process. The exact size of the cargo or deviations from the previously planned (length, width, height, weight) can often be identified only at the time of cargo loading. If possible deviations in cargo size are anticipated in advance, such a change scenario is discussed timely so that changes in the transport application can be made as quickly as possible.

Predictable transportation costs

What you should know about international freight forwarding?

How long does it take to provide freight forwarding in the Baltics?

Depending on the urgency of the cargo delivery, the type of requested vehicle, and the client’s budget allocated for this transportation, international cargo transportation in the Baltics is carried out within 8-24 hours. If transportation terms and route distance are agreed upon by 11:00 a.m. on the current day, then SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” delivers the cargo to the destination within the same day.

Is transportation from England to Latvia also carried out for individuals?

Regardless of the transport applicant’s status (individuals or legal entity), SIA”RITLOGISTIKA” ensures equally safe and high-quality export from Latvia to England or import from England to Latvia. We provide free consultations to private individuals and companies and, if necessary, prepare information for customs brokers to process documentation for import/export declarations, ensuring swift and incident-free transportation.

Why is it beneficial to cooperate with SIA “RITLOGISTIKA”?

According to the information provided by our clients and partners, cooperation with SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” is loyal and oriented towards the client’s interests for the best result. Each client is assigned a single transport manager who ensures and prepares offers for all types of transportation or directions. This guarantees comfortable and fast mutual communication and the ability to offer competent and specialized solutions.

Transportations outside Latvia

Discover transportation prices and receive an individual offer

To find out the prices for the transportation of goods on current routes at the desired time and in the required execution, contact SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” now. Our competent and experienced transport managers will prepare the quickest and most optimal offer for all types of cargo (full loads, consolidated cargo, hazardous cargo, or non-standard or oversized cargo) as soon as possible.

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