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Consolidated freight

Consolidated freight is one of the leading transportation methods carried out by SIA “RITLOGISTIKA”. By realizing diverse cargo transports across Europe and to other countries for its clients – companies from various sectors – SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” ensures the delivery of necessary consolidated cargo transports, which are not full load volumes, in the shortest possible delivery time. Furthermore, SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” transport managers ensure that the entrusted transport is delivered at the best possible price.

What is consolidated freight shipping?

Consolidated freight shipping is “LTL” (Less Than Truckload), meaning “less than a cargo truck”. Consolidated freight is used to transport shipments larger than a package but light enough or small enough not to require a full cargo truck (FTL).

To reduce costs associated with cargo transportation, consolidated cargos are often assembled in terminals or consolidation warehouses, where, taking into account the delivery destination, they are combined with other similar consolidated cargos, completing an entire corresponding transport unit.

Consolidated freight

Types of consolidated freight

SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” provides various types of consolidated freight for everyday items, such as food, furniture, and household goods, and also for specific ADR or refrigerated transports. Consolidated cargo delivery is also provided for very small shipments (packages), regardless of the loading or delivery location of the route.

SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” performs consolidated cargo road transports, sea cargo transports, and air transports, taking care of additional cargo insurance and related customs broker services as necessary.

Land consolidated freight

Land road transports

Considering that the whole cargo truck is not used in consolidated cargo shipments, the free space in the cargo truck is combined with other senders and other cargo. This ensures that:

  • Costs associated with road transport are reduced
  • Any destination on the route is reachable
  • Transportation of specific cargo in small volumes is possible
Sea consolidated freight

Sea cargo transports

In consolidated container transports (LCL), the cargo of several senders is loaded into one container, as the cargo sender has not ordered a whole sea container. Production equipment or raw materials are often transported with consolidated sea cargo transports.

  • LCL transports are a practical solution if the size of the cargo does not occupy a full container
  • Popular transports to/from China, Arab countries, and South Africa
  • Depending on the route, the price of consolidated sea cargo transport can sometimes be equivalent to the price of an entire 20-foot container
Consolidated air cargos

Air cargo transports

Consolidated air cargo transports are especially suitable for transporting small but financially valuable cargos, quickly carrying out international transports from or anywhere in the world.

  • Fastest delivery time for international transports
  • Precise and predictable departure/arrival times
  • Double transport security, controlled by the aviation industry

Temperature regime freight and cargo with special requirements

SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” provides consolidated freight for various temperature regime cargos (refrigerated cargo transports, for example, medical goods, frozen or chilled food products) and special needs or dangerous cargos (ADR). It should be noted that consolidating cargos in one vehicle can be pretty complex if specific transport conditions are required for a particular shipment.

Consolidated freight processes

To ensure the best, safest, and fastest transport for cargo of any type and size, there are several consolidated freight processes that SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” considers when carrying out such transport, based on the sender’s instructions for a particular transport and possible features of the consolidated cargo.

Depending on the planned route for carrying out the consolidated freight transport, possible consolidation or warehouse services, cargo processing and transport requirements, the type of transport or trailers, as well as customs broker services (if necessary), the evaluation of the cargo transport process involves overall optimization of the consolidated cargo’s route and price.

Consolidated cargo processes

Cargo consolidation and warehouse services – in consolidation centres (when transporting cargo through a terminal), consolidated cargo of various senders is brought in and reloaded in the warehouse to create full cargo transport for a specific route.

Cargo transport route planning and optimization – to optimize cargo transport, each route is planned considering the cargo transport destination, type and size of the cargo.

Cargo processing, weighing, packaging, and marking – when carrying out consolidated cargo transports, each cargo is individually processed, ensuring its size, weight, and appropriate cargo packaging and marking.

Choice of transport and trailer types – regardless of the destination of the cargo delivery, SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” recommends the most suitable choice of transport and trailer type to each sender of consolidated cargo.

Customs broker services and customs procedures – SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” provides customs broker services if carrying consolidated cargo transports outside the European Union. It requires specific binding customs procedures.

Local and international freight transportation

With more than 20 years of experience in logistics and cargo transport, SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” offers, plans, and implements tested, reliable, and safe consolidated cargo (LTL) local and international cargo transports for its clients.

By combining several consolidated cargos in one transport route, our clients are ensured an excellent opportunity to receive the most successful transport price offer for the current transport, regardless of whether the transport is for consolidated cargo through Riga, Latvia, the Baltics, or for cargo transport outside the European Union (for example, to America, Africa, Indonesia).

Popular international consolidated cargo routes:

  • Baltic States (Lithuania, Estonia)
  • Benelux countries (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg)
  • Europe (Germany, Poland, Italy)
  • Scandinavia (Finland, Sweden, Norway)
Local and international transports

Frequently asked questions about consolidated freight

What are the advantages and disadvantages of consolidated cargo?

The most significant advantage and benefit of consolidated cargo (LTL) delivery is that cargo space in transport is shared, and delivery costs for a total cargo truck are divided with other senders. Thus, only a portion of the entire transport costs for the shipment is paid.
However, it should be noted that combining several cargos in one transport can also be time-consuming in terms of delivery. Within the route, the driver has to stop at several cargo receiving/delivery points, spending additional time on cargo loading/unloading.

How does cargo consolidation work?

Cargo consolidation takes place in warehouse terminals, where consolidated cargo is reloaded to arrange a total cargo volume for the route. Cargo consolidation ensures greater transport efficiency if unconventional route destinations need to be reached, and it provides more significant savings on cargo transport.

How are consolidated cargo costs determined?

Consolidated freight costs are directly related to the specific parameters of the cargo (height, width, length, and weight), transport route, appropriate type of transport, and the need for relevant documentation. Also, specific conditions that allow or exclude the possibility of reloading the cargo determine the overall costs of consolidated cargo transports.

What are the risks and insurance options for consolidated cargo?

As with any transport, there is a risk in consolidated cargo transports that improper loading, securing (e.g., on a pallet), or incorrect reloading of the cargo may damage the cargo. Therefore, regardless of the CMR insurance in force at SIA “RITLOGISTIKA”, we often recommend additional cargo insurance to our clients when transporting precious consolidated cargo, which offers to cover unforeseen and sudden external damages or losses to the cargo.

Need a consultation or want to find out the price?

By contacting the SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” transport manager, you will receive a free consultation on your current cargo transport, related costs, and options to ensure the most suitable consolidated cargo transports.

We provide the most rational solutions and appropriate transport methods for consolidated cargo to ensure that every shipment entrusted to our company is safely and timely delivered to the desired route.


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