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Auto transport

SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” enables individuals and companies to transport cars or any road transport, agricultural and logging equipment from one geographical location to another, regardless of whether the transport is carried out in the territory of Latvia or internationally. Thanks to long-term and proven cooperation partners, SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” also provides its customers with the preparation of the necessary customs documentation and the settlement of additional cargo insurance.

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Safe auto transportation

SIA “RITLOGISTIKA”, during more than 20 years of professional activity, operating in the logistics and carrying out cargo transportation, offers its customers in Latvia and other parts of the world safe, reliable and proven road transport.

Thanks to the wide circle of cooperation partners whom we have trusted for years, road transport is offered with closed-type road transport and open-type platforms and car carriers equipped with modern tracking systems.

For further import or export car transportation, SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” provides container transportation and prepares the necessary additional documentation (if required: customs documents, permits, additional insurance and others).

Safe auto transportation

Transportation process and services

For the car transport process to proceed without complications, SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” provides only licensed car transport in Europe and outside the European Union.

When choosing the appropriate mode of transportation for car transport, the sender must initially provide information about both the car itself and the entire planned route:

  • Make, model, year of release and technical condition of the vehicle;
  • Car pick-up location and delivery destination;
  • Desired car transport dispatch/delivery time.

Using this information, the experienced SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” transport managers will prepare a price offer for your car transport.

Along with the offered car transport service, SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” provides all additional services necessary for the specific car transport: additional insurance, customs brokerage services and safe parking.

Car transportation insurance

Aware of the risks associated with car cargo transportation, SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” offers additional cargo insurance, protecting car cargo from possible damage or loss.

Customs brokerage services

To avoid complications in customs formalities, we invite you to entrust customs documentation processing to competent customs brokers with whom SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” has been cooperating for a long time.

Car parking

SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” provides car cargo storage service in an open or closed-guarded warehouse both in Latvia and abroad (both short-term and long-term).

Types of auto transport

Various types of transport can be used to ensure the most successful and rational road transport. According to the size of the road transport, the transportation route or seasonality, the SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” transport managers will evaluate and recommend the most beneficial for you.

Entrust your car transport to SIA “RITLOGISTIKA”, and you will receive a free professional consultation and an individually prepared car transport offer!

We will ensure your car cargo transportation is carried out safely, quickly and at the best price!

Trailer transport

Trailer transport

SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” provides transportation of cars and tractors with trailers of various sizes, such as standard and mega trailers.

The most popular routes for trailer transportation are between the Baltic States (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia) and Scandinavia.

Container transport

International container shipping

When carrying out car transport from the USA or Asia, container transport is often used. For example, container transport is widespread in car deliveries from China, South Korea and Japan.

Oversized cargo transport

Oversize freight

SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” provides local and international bulk transportation, transporting agricultural and logging equipment.

Moreover, not only import but also actively export abroad, for example, to the Balkan countries.

What you should know about auto transport?

How are car transport prices calculated?

Knowing the dimensions and technical characteristics of the vehicle applied for transportation, which must be considered when loading/unloading the car, and the transportation route, a pre-estimated calculation of transportation costs is prepared. If it is necessary to carry out customs formalities or additional insurance for the transportation, the transport managers of SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” will also help to arrange them.

How to choose a reliable car transport company?

To choose a reliable car transport company, make sure that it not only has issued licenses, permits and acquired experience but also provides additional services that could be binding for the actual transportation (customs documentation, insurance, parking).

What are the differences between open and closed road transport?

Open car transport (platforms) is used most often to transport car loads which, due to their large dimensions, cannot be placed in a closed type (under a tent) car transport.

What documents are required for car transport?

When carrying out road transport, the carrier must be issued European Community permits and licenses and certificates of professional competence, which allow for international freight transport.

Do car transport companies offer guarantees and compensation in case of any accident or damage?

If cargo damage occurs during road transport, the damage caused by the cargo damage is covered within the scope of the carrier’s responsibility defined in the CMR Convention. In addition, we recommend insuring the cargo for its total value in cases where the damages caused by damage exceed the carrier’s civil liability limit set by the CMR Convention.

Worldwide delivery of agricultural machinery

The company SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” provides diverse cargo transportation and primarily specialises in the delivery of agricultural machinery in Europe and elsewhere in the world.

In Latvia and Europe, agricultural machinery is most often transported with standard or mega trailers. Depending on the size of the equipment (oversized or heavy cargo), platforms of appropriate size and lifting capacity are often assigned to perform the transportation. If the transportation can be carried out on a further route (Asia, the USA) and the delivery time allows it, then SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” offers to deliver agricultural machinery using sea container transportation, which is often also more financially advantageous.

Regardless of whether you are an agricultural company, a farm or a private person who organizes the transportation of agricultural machinery, the transport managers of SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” will take care of the safe transportation of your cargo by arranging customs formalities and issues related to additional documentation.

Delivery of agricultural machinery