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Express Cargo Delivery

SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” has provided professional local and international cargo transportation for over 20 years, ensuring the entrusted cargo is delivered exceptionally fast and top-quality, even to the most challenging delivery destinations. Depending on the current transportation route and cargo properties, SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” performs express cargo deliveries using various-sized cargo vans over land and with air transport, conducting express deliveries to distant cargo delivery locations.

Express cargo delivery services and advantages

SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” offers express cargo delivery for companies of different sizes, scales, and industries (legal entities), as well as individual merchants and private persons (legal entities). The express cargo delivery service is valuable and suitable for small cargoes and small shipments (e.g., documents, product samples, etc.) and expedited, urgent organization of large-scale or full loads or containers.

Close collaboration with our reliable and time-tested partners allows SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” to prepare transparent pricing for clients while providing flexible service terms and excellent transportation quality. Regardless of the express transportation destination, we manage the necessary documents and customs formalities according to the cargo’s specifics for transportation within the European Union and beyond its borders.

Contact SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” transport managers to receive answers to your questions. During the conversation, you will learn about the advantages of express transportation or our diverse fleet and transportation methods used to ensure quick deliveries:

  • Land transportation for full cargoes (FTL) and mixed cargoes (LTL)
  • Air freight transportation
  • Sea and rail freight transportations
  • Oversized cargoes
  • Refrigerated transportations
  • ADR cargo transportations

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    Additional information

    When express cargo delivery is the most appropriate?

    SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” transport managers often receive urgent requests from companies we haven’t previously worked with, asking for a helping hand in emergencies where, for some reason, the company’s cargo has not yet started its transportation journey. Still, the delivery to the destination was needed “yesterday”.

    In these cases, immediate response to the request, organizing appropriate transport quickly, and urgent document processing are needed. SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” has all the necessary tools to carry out a wide range of transportation and shipments express cargo deliveries in Latvia and internationally, maintaining high transportation execution quality.


    The most significant advantage of express deliveries is speed. A transport request received in time for express cargo delivery can be immediately taken from the sender and delivered to the destination within a few hours.


    Regardless of the express shipment route, SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” ensures reliable and fast cargo deliveries “from door to door”, crossing city, country, and continent borders, expediting and prioritizing express shipments urgently.


    A significant advantage of conducting express cargo transportation is the safety of the cargo and transportation. Ensuring shipment tracking minimises the risk of loss for the entrusted express freight.

    Local and international deliveries

    With SIA “RITLOGISTIKA”, your shipment will always reach its destination on time!

    Express delivery in the Baltic States

    Express delivery in the Baltics

    Express deliveries in the Baltic States (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia) by SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” are guaranteed within 24 hours, depending on the route destination and how timely the transport request is received. Express cargo delivery within a single country or between Baltic States is also possible within a few hours or on the same day, the shipment or cargo is taken from the sender.

    Urgent international cargo delivery

    International express cargo delivery

    Depending on the readiness of the cargo for collection, SIA “RITLOGISTIKA”’s extensive global partner network and successful collaboration with airlines worldwide allow us to ensure urgent international transportation delivery within one day.

    Factors influencing the choice of express cargo delivery

    SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” ensures fast express cargo deliveries to the desired destination for full cargoes (FTL), mixed cargoes (LTL), or even tiny shipments. To optimize the route, delivery speed, and service price as much as possible, the client is provided with a transport mode suitable for the cargo or shipment, including express deliveries of hazardous cargoes (ADR).

    • Price – urgently organized express transport for immediate deliveries may reflect on the overall transportation price;
    • Delivery speed – transport is immediately planned and directed to ensure impeccable delivery speed for entrusted express deliveries;
    • Cargo type – depending on the cargo type, express delivery is ensured with a transport mode suitable for the cargo;
    • Destination – regardless of the route destination, express delivery “to the door” is ensured, including multimodal transportation, if necessary.

    Need to deliver cargo or a shipment urgently?

    SIA “RITLOGISTIKA”’s experienced transport managers will inquire about your current cargo properties, transportation route, and delivery needs to ensure the most optimal transportation mode for our entrusted express shipments and prepare the best possible price offer for your express cargo delivery.


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