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Customs broker

The company SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” has been providing full truckload (FTL) and less than truckload (LTL) transport and logistics services both within and outside the European Union for a long time. To ensure the uninterrupted flow of goods and cargo, SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” offers professional customs brokerage services to its clients, facilitating and speeding up all customs-related matters during transportation. Customs brokers ensure professional handling of customs procedures during import, export, and transit.

Professional customs broker services

The customs brokerage services provided by SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” optimize time and financial resources for our clients (individuals and legal entities), ensuring international freight transport outside the European Union and to/from third countries do not create undue burdens for either the sender or the receiver of the cargo.

Quick, easy, understandable, and with high professional responsibility, the transport managers at SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” take care of international transport of goods and cargo, arranging customs documentation related to land, rail, air, and sea freight, including import, export, and transit declarations, as well as customs licenses associated with cargo and goods transportation.

When to consult a customs broker?

When conducting international freight transport outside the European Union or to/from third countries, the services of a customs broker significantly expedite the cross-border documentation process and reduce the likelihood of errors in customs formalities, mainly if the cargo receiver or sender does not regularly deal with such customs procedures.

By consulting a professional customs broker, each cargo is ensured to have a correct accompanying document tailored to its specific content, saving time at customs points or avoiding storage costs that may arise from improperly prepared customs documents.

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    What do customs broker services include?

    Working with a professional customs broker includes the correct preparation of anticipated customs import and export or transit declarations and, if necessary, access to a wide range of contact units in the involved countries.

    Customs broker services also entail nuanced professional knowledge that quickly ensures the availability of a customs warehouse suitable for the specific characteristics of the cargo if there is a need to store it in a customs warehouse due to some problem.

    Import and export documentation?

    Import documents are prepared when bringing cargo from third countries (import customs declaration), while export documents are ready when shipping outside the European Union borders (export customs declaration).

    Costs for import and export declarations start from 35 EUR + VAT.

    Customs declaration

    There are several types of customs declarations, categorized as standard (electronic, e.g., VID EDS customs declaration) and simplified and verbal (for individuals).

    Customs declarations can be either a record in the declarant’s registers or a compiled act.

    Tariff consultations

    By consulting with the transport manager of SIA “RITLOGISTIKA”, who will  understand the characteristics and route of the cargo or goods flow, you will receive competent consultations on the applicable customs payments and tariffs for the transportation.

    Valuable Information about Customs Broker services

    What is a customs broker?

    A customs broker is a physical or legal person who provides brokerage services at a border point or elsewhere inland, personally or through their employees.
    Customs brokerage services can be provided with a valid certificate from a customs specialist. A legal entity is entitled to provide customs brokerage services if it has been granted permission for customs brokerage activities and has concluded a work contract with at least one physical person who has received a customs specialist certificate.

    What is the role of a customs broker in the import and export process?

    In organizing the circulation of import and export documentation at the border, qualified customs brokers ensure that customs services are provided professionally and quickly to minimize the delay of cargo at border control. Customs brokers accurately prepare documents and monitor their circulation to avoid unnecessary expenses related to unexpected cargo storage in customs warehouses or non-compliance with delivery deadlines, failing to deliver the cargo to its destination on time.

    What is the responsibility of a customs broker?

    According to the concluded cooperation agreement with a customs broker or based on the respective authorization, the customs broker acts in the client’s interest and, when moving goods across border control, ensures the proper execution of all subsequent actions required by the binding customs procedures. The customs broker handles the accounting, registration, and storage of goods to be customs cleared, according to the regulations of the relevant institutions, and ensures the presentation of goods to the Customs or other control services. The customs broker is responsible for all actions performed in the customs clearance process, both as a physical person and as an employee of a legal entity.

    Can I use customs broker services in any country where I operate?

    Considering the legislation of each country and specific nuances related to organizing customs processes, professional collaboration with a qualified customs broker is provided in most countries outside the European Union, where current customs process documentation is necessary for the clients of SIA “RITLOGISTIKA”. A vast network of contacts and partners enables clients to be offered customs broker services in practically any country.

    How do I pay customs duty?

    Currently, in Latvia, there are four taxes related to the international transport of cargo imported, exported, and transited through Latvia. One of them is the customs duty (import duty).
    The respective company or its representative can pay the customs duty related to the transportation in the State Revenue Service’s Electronic Declaration System – EDS (for example, the Customs Declaration in VID EDS can be paid).

    International experience and fast processing

    The competent transport managers at SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” will provide free consultation and answers to your questions. By understanding the content and route of the cargo, we can prepare a correct transportation offer for cargo or goods, including information about binding customs tariffs and the need for customs documents, arranging and executing the current transportation.

    Quickly and without complications, we will arrange and process all customs procedures related to the flow of cargo or goods in import, export, and transit.

    Entrust your customs formalities to the professionals at SIA “RITLOGISTIKA”!

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