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International Container Shipping

RITLOGISTIKA Ltd. is a logistics and freight forwarding company providing full and composite container shipping across Europe, as well as to/from other continents around the world. Container shipping is carried out by road and rail, as well as by sea. To reach continents as far away as Australia, Asia or Africa, multimodal transport is used, which most often combines a couple or several modes of container transport.

Container shipping advantages

Container shipping has versatile transport options, which allow for a wide range of variations in the choice of the most appropriate mode of delivery for the route, as well as the possibility of combining these modes. The combination of modes is possible through multimodal transport, for example by combining the so popular maritime transport with land transport, where not only the container cargo has to be transported between different ports, but also door-to-door delivery is possible.

An important advantage that makes the tasks of the container carrier or container handling service provider much easier is the predictable and defined container dimensions, which not only have a positive impact on the time saved for long-distance freight transport, but also protect against possible risks of damage that may occur during the specific handling operations.

Thanks to the container’s robust metal construction, the contents are not exposed to the external environment during transport, but most importantly, it prevents the risk of damage during loading, unloading or transhipment, as all operations are carried out with the container closed (sealed if necessary), without affecting the contents. To exclude as far as possible the risks to the consignor and the consignee of the container, both of loss of the cargo and of theft of all or part of its contents, the container sealing service shall enable the consignee to receive at the en route destination the unaltered composition of the cargo as it was assembled at the loading bay of the cargo container at the time of loading.

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    Additional information

    Types of container shipping

    RITLOGISTIKA Ltd’s wide range of container transport options is available for various container types, delivering both full and composite containers even on the most complex routes. Our transport managers prepare the most cost-effective delivery quotation and routing plan for our customers, considering the cargo composition and the required delivery time or the planned transport budget. Container deliveries are made by road, rail and sea, depending on the mode of transport chosen.

    Container transport

    Transportation services

    A container carrier is a special road vehicle equipped with semi-trailers adapted for container transport, which ensures the safe transport of different cargo contents. Container trucks are most often used to transport goods by sea or rail transport, as well as to carry out container transport by recalling the goods at the route’s final destination from the rail terminal or port.

    Rail container transportation

    Rail freight

    Container transport using rail transport is not only the most environmentally friendly among container transport methods but also considerably faster in delivering cargo than maritime transport. It is a fast and cost-effective method of container transportation, popular for carrying cargo between European and Asian countries.

    Sea container shipping

    Sea freight

    Maritime transport is the most frequently used method for transporting both full (FCL) and consolidated (LCL) containers, offering the most cost-effective solution for long-haul routes, provided the delivery time is not urgent. It is most commonly used as the most suitable container transportation solution for deliveries to or from the Americas, as well as Africa and China.

    Container types and sizes

    Choosing to conduct container transport offers significant benefits for transporting almost any type of cargo due to the wide variety of container types and sizes available, adaptable for standard, oversized, and other types of cargo. RITLOGISTIKA Ltd. provides containers suitable for the cargo’s content and volume, conducting container transport for both full containers (FCL) and consolidated containers (LCL) for smaller shipments.

    20-foot and 40-foot containers – “Dry container”

    The most popular type of container for transporting standard cargo with or without pallets, accessed only from the rear of the container.

    Container typeLengthWidthHeight
    20-foot (20’DC)590 cm235 cm239 cm
    40-foot (40’DC)1203 cm235 cm239 cm

    “High Cube” and “High Cube Pallet Wide” containers (40’ HCPW and 45’ HCPW)

    Similar to standard containers, but longer. Container manufacturing material – aluminum or steel.

    Container typeLengthWidthHeight
    40-foot (40’HC)1209 cm235 cm268 cm
    40-foot (40’HCPW)1209 cm235 cm268 cm
    45-foot (45’HCPW)1356 cm244 cm270 cm

     “Open Top” container

    A container with a removable roof (rails and roof bows) or “Open Side” – with a side opening (movable grid on the side). Suitable for non-standard cargoes.

    Container typeLengthWidthHeight
    20-foot (20’OT)589 cm234 cm231 cm
    20-foot (20’OS)589 cm229 cm230 cm
    40-foot (40’OT)120 cm234 cm235 cm

    “Pallet Wide” container

    The container width is suitable for placing two Euro pallets side by side, making it wider than a standard container.

    Container typeLengthWidthHeight
    20-foot595 cm244 cm238 cm
    40-foot1202 cm244 cm239 cm

    “Flat Rack” container

    A container suitable for transporting heavy loads. It is like a platform without sides but with fixed or collapsible ends at the front.

    Container typeLengthWidthHeight
    20-foot670 cm236 cm224 cm
    40-foot1170 cm237 cm228 cm

    Refrigerator container – “Reefer”

    A container with temperature control (+25’C to -25’C), suitable for transporting both chilled and frozen goods.

    Container typeLengthWidthHeight
    20-foot545 cm229 cm227 cm
    40-foot1164 cm228 cm225 cm
    40-foot HC1158 cm229 cm250 cm
    45-foot HC1316 cm227 cm255 cm

    Tank containers – “Tank”

    The container is made of stainless steel with a polyurethane and aluminum protective layer on the inside of the container.

    Container typeLengthWidthHeight
    Tank container606 cm244cm244 cm

    Bulk containers

    Containers for transporting granular or powdered cargoes. Designed with three hatches on the top for loading and one hatch on the floor or end for unloading.

    Container typeLengthWidthHeight
    Bulk container593 cm236cm234 cm

    Efficiency of sea container shipping

    Ocean container transport is a financially advantageous solution for delivering large volumes of cargo to distant destinations, especially when the main criterion for delivery is cost-effectiveness rather than speed. Thanks to long-term cooperation with the global networks of leading shipping lines, SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” provides delivery of both full container loads (FCL) and less than container loads (LCL) worldwide, offering not only successful price solutions but also proven and secure transportation. Due to the reduced CO2 emissions during transport, ocean transport is also the most environmentally friendly and globally ecosystem-compatible method of cargo transport, suitable for a wide variety of cargo.

    To ensure effective ocean container transport, SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” offers a full range of logistics services, including customs brokerage and warehousing services, door-to-door delivery, and the handling of loading, unloading, trans-loading, and consolidation of cargo, as well as other individually tailored solutions for container cargo transportation.


    The extensive possibilities to vary or combine transport methods tailored to the route significantly reduce the overall fuel consumption, thereby directly reducing the total costs of cargo transportation.


    Depending on the delivery route, container cargo can be delivered to practically any destination along the route. Utilizing the broad possibilities of container transport, the distance from the loading point to the delivery location is not an obstacle to executing even the most complex container transportation across continents or oceans.


    Thanks to the container’s sturdy metal body, it serves as a strong protective material for the cargo, providing additional protection against the risk of cargo damage, and also protects the cargo inside from external environmental or weather conditions (humidity, salt, wind).

    Choose a reliable partner for your transport needs

    SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” has more than 20 years of successful experience in the container transport and logistics industry. This experience has honed not only professional competence but also the high sense of responsibility of our experienced transport managers for each entrusted cargo transportation. With genuine care, the progress and delivery of current container transports are monitored, regardless of the delivery route, the type of container transported, or the contents of the cargo.

    Choose professionalism, competence, and experience! Contact your SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” transport manager to receive a thoughtful, individually prepared, and maximally rational container transport plan!