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Multimodal freight

SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” provides door-to-door delivery of various cargoes on practically any route. For cargo transportation across continents or to reach distant routes as quickly as possible, SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” provides multimodal transport – within one route, combining several (or at least a couple) modes of cargo transportation. The advantages of combining, for example, sea freight and land-based truck transportation, offer clients the opportunity to ensure safe cargo transportation conveniently and at a competitive price.

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International multimodal solutions

International multimodal transportation is a rational solution in the logistics industry, where executing a specific cargo transport route requires the combination of several modes of cargo transportation. For example, combining road transport with sea and rail transport ensures multimodal international transport, maximizing the benefits of each type of transportation in terms of time and cost savings.


For cargo transport over long distances between pickup and delivery points or across continents, intermodal transport is an exceptionally efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly mode of cargo transportation provided by SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” transport managers.

Multimodal transport system

Traditionally, most cargo and passenger transportation is done using one mode of transport – road transport. However, recently, a multimodal transport system has been developed, improving competitive areas for other modes of transportation.

The Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) has established the basis for the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T), a multimodal network aimed at ensuring the fast and easy movement of goods and the accessibility and connectivity of all European Union regions. The multimodal transport system is associated with several benefits:

Multimodal systems

Reduced pollution and congestion – By using various modes of transport for cargo transportation, natural pollution is reduced and diversifying routes minimizes congestion.

Transportation cost reduction – By using a combination of different types of transport for transportation, clients can avoid expensive surcharges and receive lower rates for cargo insurance.

Transportation time savings – Transit times for each mode of transport are different, so multimodal transport provides the fastest possible combination of cargo transportation, facilitating the movement of goods.

Sustainability and safety

The multimodal transport provided by SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” saves our clients time and costs associated with cargo transportation and significantly reduces pollution in nature. For example, cargo road transport emits more carbon dioxide (CO2) than trains. Therefore, if the transport is done by cargo truck and train, the overall emissions will be lower than if carried out only by cargo truck.

Multimodal transport also reduces traffic congestion during cargo transport if only one mode of transportation is used, for example, only road or rail transport.

Secure multimodal transport

Frequently asked questions about multimodal freight transportation

What is multimodal transport?

Multimodal transport refers to transport where the delivery of one cargo combines at least two different modes of cargo transportation. Multimodal transports are carried out for full and consolidated freight (FTL, LTL), dangerous cargo (ADR), refrigerated cargo, oversized cargo (containers and platforms), etc.

What modes of transport are used in multimodal transport?

At least two (possibly several) modes of cargo transport are used in multimodal transport. They combine land, sea, air, and rail transport to ensure the most efficient, fast, and/or financially advantageous transportation to any destination.

What are the main advantages of multimodal transport?

The main advantages of multimodal transport include fast and convenient reaching of practically any route address, reduced CO2 emissions and overall cargo transportation costs, and optimization of cargo handling and delivery time while maintaining enhanced cargo transportation safety.

How does multimodal transport help reduce emissions and environmental impact?

By carrying out multimodal transports, various modes of cargo transportation are combined. This is more environmentally friendly as it significantly reduces carbon emissions (CO2), which is in line with and binding to the European Union’s climate change mitigation goals and the European Green Deal.

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