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Logistics in Latvia

The company SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” provides logistics and cargo transportation services internationally. However, like other logistics companies in Latvia, we ensure that local domestic cargo transportation within Latvia is an integral part of daily operations. SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” transportation services offer the opportunity to reach any destination across Latvia quickly, safely, and at favourable prices, ensuring standard and express cargo delivery with various types of vehicles.

Freight forwarding and transportation services in Latvia

SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” offers a wide range of possibilities for transporting any full or consolidated cargo across Latvia and provides safe local transportation services, delivering cargo between Latvian cities (for example, from Riga to Liepaja) or within city limits (for example, cargo transportation in Cesis or transportation services in Valmiera).

By focusing on individual approaches for each client and ensuring flawless service for every cargo transportation entrusted to us (dangerous cargo (ADR), oversized, animal transportation, etc.), SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” provides full-service logistics and transportation, carrying out door-to-door cargo deliveries for both private individuals and companies.

Our experienced SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” transportation managers offer professional consultations, helping to prepare the necessary transportation documentation and, if necessary, taking care of the safe storage of cargo in a warehouse or logistics centre.

Most requested cargo transportation destinations in Latvia

The transportation sector in Latvia is highly developed. Thus, practically any destination in Latvia can be reached by the appropriate vehicle for any type of cargo delivery. The most requested routes for goods, cargo transportation (FTL and LTL), and container transportation in Latvia are as follows:

  • Liepaja
  • Jelgava
  • Valmiera
  • Ventspils
  • Cesis
  • Ogre
  • Daugavpils
  • Rezekne
  • Kuldiga
  • Etc.

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    Why choose RITLOGISTIKA for local logistics in Latvia?

    Prompt operation

    The ability to respond quickly to transportation requests and prompt action in transport planning allows the SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” team to ensure well-planned cargo deliveries within known deadlines efficiently. Route optimization is also carried out, ensuring the fastest possible delivery time.

    Safe cargo transport

    All SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” cargo trucks, which provide cargo transportation, are insured for civil liability within the framework of the carrier’s responsibility as defined by the CMR convention. In addition, confidentiality and discretion of cargo are maintained, ensuring the complete delivery chain process “from door to door”.

    Experienced team

    SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” is a company with more than 20 years of experience in logistics, operating since 2003. Our loyal team and professional transportation managers quickly understand the needs and desires of clients, ensuring an individual approach and optimized cargo transportation costs.

    Types of logistics in Latvia

    The largest logistics companies in Latvia provide a variety of cargo transportation services both from major cities and small towns in Latvia, regardless of whether transportation requires vehicles for full or consolidated cargo.

    Local cargo transportation is provided for oversized and heavy cargo, which are transported on platforms, and for very small cargo and parcels, performing express deliveries or appointing cargo minibuses for transportation.

    SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” in Latvia performs domestic cargo transportation with various sizes and capacities of cargo vehicles, ensuring both standard cargo transportation and bulk, liquid, oversized, or hazardous cargo (ADR) transportation throughout the territory of Latvia, regardless of the cargo’s weight, size, or type.

    Express deliveries

    Express cargo delivery

    A significant advantage of express deliveries is the speed of delivery. SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” performs especially fast and safe express deliveries of various types or sizes of cargo across the territory of Latvia, most often using cargo minibuses. We ensure urgent cargo delivery while maintaining high-quality transportation service.

    Oversized cargo transport

    Oversize freight

    Thanks to the extensive possibilities of SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” ‘s fleet, oversized and heavy cargo transportation is performed across Latvia, transporting even the most complex oversized cargo. Additionally, we arrange all matters related to cargo permits or transportation licenses.

    Dangerous goods transport

    Hazardous freight

    Regardless of the local cargo transportation route, SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” performs dangerous cargo (ADR) transportation in Latvia, ensuring both full load (FTL) and consolidated cargo (LTL) transportation with standard cargo vehicles (including tanks or bulk cargos), as well as by rail freight transportations.

    Animal transport

    Transportation of animals

    Adhering to animal welfare requirements during animal transportation, SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” ensures gentle transportation of livestock and pets across all regions of Latvia. Considering the needs of animals, we take care of their safe transportation, regardless of the destination.

    Transportation services

    Transportation services

    Full-service transportation services “from door to door” are provided for both full (FTL) and consolidated (LTL) cargos across Latvia, utilizing a wide range of fleet possibilities – various cargo and passenger buses, cargo trucks, refrigerators, trailers, and platforms. Transportation services guarantee unlimited transportation possibilities for all cargo and passenger transportation.

    Refrigerated cargo transport

    Refrigerated freight

    Regardless of seasonality, when carrying out transportation with refrigerators for full (FTL) or consolidated (LTL) cargo, the temperature of the cargo is strictly controlled throughout the transportation, ensuring that the contents of the cargo maintain their high value. By maintaining the appropriate temperature of the cargo, we ensure excellent quality for both frozen and chilled products.

    Frequently asked questions about domestic freight forwarding?

    What are the costs of cargo transportation, and how are prices calculated?

    The costs of cargo transportation depend on the type of cargo, its parameters, route distance, and the required speed of cargo delivery. However, SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” can prepare a price offer for cargo transportation in Latvia, considering the kilometres travelled by transport.

    What documentation is required for cargo transportation in Latvia?

    In Latvia, as in many other countries, all documentation related to cargo transportation is prepared based on the CMR convention, issuing an appropriate document (CMR or POD format) confirming the taking and delivery of the specific cargo.

    Do logistics companies offer insurance for cargo, and to what extent?

    Most logistics companies and their vehicles are covered by existing CMR insurance. To maximize client protection from all potential losses, additional insurance is also offered, insuring all types of cargo to their full extent.

    Are there any restrictions on cargo transportation (weight, size, type of cargo)?

    If the transportation for a full cargo is planned with a standard curtain-sided truck, then the maximum weight is 24 tons, length 13.6 m, width 2.45 m. Regardless of cargo parameters and weight, thanks to its extensive fleet, SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” ensures all types of cargo transportation for both full and consolidated cargo.

    What are the types of cargo transportation offered by logistics companies in Latvia?

    The most popular types of cargo transportation offered by logistics and transportation companies in Latvia are transportation with cargo vehicles for both full cargo (FTL) and consolidated loads (LTL). A wide range of transportation options are offered for oversized freight, dangerous cargo (ADR), and bulk and liquid cargo.

    Warehouse and logistics centers in Latvia

    The largest warehouse and logistics centres in Latvia provide a wide range of services not only for imports or exports in customs warehouses but also services for local transportation, including conditions suitable for the specific characteristics of cargo for safe storage (adjusted temperature regime, ADR cargo storage), as well as cargo labelling, assembling, and other related activities, ensuring successful delivery of cargo to its destination in Latvia.

    Regardless of where and what route is used for local cargo transportation, SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” provides all types of cargo warehouse and storage services in both enclosed and open areas, which are guarded.

    Warehouse and logistics centre in Latvia

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    SIA “RITLOGISTIKA”’s experienced transportation managers ensure fast and efficient transportation solutions so that each cargo transportation entrusted to us across Latvia is carried out with the appropriate vehicle, offering the best possible price for the service.