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Manipulator freight services

SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” offers a full range of logistics services, including cargo transportation with a manipulator. Various sizes and capacities of manipulators are provided for loading and unloading cargo for local and international transportation. All cargo transportation with a manipulator offered by the company is licensed and supervised by knowledgeable specialists.

What is transport by manipulator?

A manipulator is an auxiliary device located on a vehicle, used to help lift, manoeuvre and position a cargo setup that is too heavy, too large, or otherwise too complicated to move. In situations with no other technical or human resource provision for loading or unloading cargo, cargo transportation with a manipulator can be provided without additional costs, thereby saving time and expenses for cargo unloading.

Transporting cargo with vehicles equipped with a manipulator essentially combines two services. The vehicle carries out the cargo transportation, while the manipulator ensures safe loading or unloading of the cargo.

SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” offers cargo trucks with a manipulator capacity of up to 17-24 tons, providing loading options for various weights and dimensions of cargo both from the sides and above. Popular cargo transportation with manipulators in Latvia and international transportation includes multiple construction materials, pavement, modular and frame houses, scrap metal, wagons, containers, and others.

Our experienced transport managers provide consultations or recommendations for rational cargo transportation and ensure the most suitable cargo transportation with a manipulator for each client to any location, both locally and beyond the borders of Latvia.

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    Local and international transportation with a manipulator

    International cargo transportation

    International transportation

    Thanks to a safe, time-tested, and reliable network of cooperation partners, SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” provides manipulator services with broad lifting and load-bearing capacities in European countries and outside the European Union.

    Transportation in the Baltic States

    Transportation in the Baltic States

    Functional and universally usable cargo truck services for various cargo transportation with licensed manipulators in the Baltic States (i.e., to or from Lithuania and Estonia) have been the daily routine of SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” for 20 years.

    Local transportation with a manipulator

    Local transportation

    In Latvia, cargo transportation with a manipulator is widespread. SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” provides manipulators of the right size and capacity for client needs, preferences, and cargo specifics throughout Latvia, with broad usage possibilities.


    When to choose a cargo truck with a manipulator?

    A cargo truck with a manipulator is a valuable choice when cargo transportation needs to be combined with technical support for loading and/or unloading the cargo. A manipulator can perform labour-intensive manoeuvres, grabbing, lifting, holding, and turning the cargo setup. Its lifting capacity and manoeuvring amplitude allow for the easy, convenient, and safe movement of heavy cargo, relieving the workload of human resources.

    • If fast and precise loading or unloading is needed without additional costs;
    • If there is no additional machinery available for loading or unloading cargo;
    • If human labor cannot ensure the loading or unloading of cargo.

    Considering each cargo’s specifics, weight, volume, and the geographical conditions of the loading or unloading location, regardless of the route, SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” provides transportation services for cargo deliveries with a manipulator, offering not only the transportation function of cargo transportation but also to efficiently and without damage extract and/or load the cargo setup.

    Need manipulator services?

    SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” transport managers will provide you with professional and experience-tested consultations or prepare an offer that ensures the best, safest, and most optimal solution for your cargo transportation with a manipulator, regardless of the cargo size or route.