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Refrigerated freight

Does your cargo require a specific temperature during transport to prevent it from freezing or deteriorating? Is it essential for your cargo to retain all its quality characteristics regardless of seasonality? SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” provides refrigerated freight transport for both full (FTL) and less than truckload (LTL) cargoes, conducting both international freight transport and transport across Latvia, ensuring the necessary cargo temperature and transportation conditions throughout the journey.

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What are refrigerated transports?

Refrigerated transports ensure constant cargo temperature control and thermoregulation appropriate for the cargo’s characteristics, whether the vehicle is for frozen products (for example, frozen meat) or products that could spoil during transport (for example, flowers or berries).

SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” clients regularly carry out refrigerated transports for various product groups, which must not be subjected to temperature fluctuations during transport. The most popular are food and medical products.

For trucks equipped with a refrigerator, there is a close connection with the sustainability of the products. Optimal transport temperature prevents cargo spoilage (thawing, icing) and ensures that perishable goods stay fresh until they reach their destination or end-user.

Truck with refrigerator

Refrigerated freight transportation services

SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” provides all types of full (FTL) and less-than-truckload (LTL) cargo transports with a refrigerator. For temperature-controlled cargoes, land freight transport is the most popular, but to save delivery time, air freight transport and refrigerated containers for rail and sea freight are gaining popularity in international transport.

SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” refrigerated transports most frequently carry food, transporting frozen or chilled products, or products that require a specific temperature for storage (for example, chocolate, fruits, vegetables, or wine). Rest assured – SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” will ensure that every cargo quickly reaches its intended destination, maintaining its consistently high quality!

Frozen cargo transport

Frozen freight transport with temperature control

Trust your frozen goods freight transport to the experienced transport managers of SIA “RITLOGISTIKA”!

In addition to proper product packaging and cargo securing, before handing over the cargo to the transporter, we invite our customers to ensure that the cargo is packed with thermal protection, foil, foam, or bubble wrap to maximize the preservation of the frozen product’s quality and protect it from thawing threats during shipping.

Heatable cargoes with temperature control

Heatable freight with temperature regime provision

Heatable cargoes are particularly popular in the organization and provision of flower or plant transport services. One of the most popular SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” refrigerated routes is transporting flowers from the Netherlands to Latvia and the other Baltic states – Lithuania and Estonia.

Heatable cargoes ensure fresh product delivery from exotic countries, regardless of the characteristic air temperatures in winter conditions or changing air temperatures, for example, during a flight if the cargo is transported by air freight.

Perishable cargoes

Perishable freight

Refrigerator transport services help maintain food freshness during transport and ensure the preservation of nutrients.

Delivering perishable goods is equally important for both large and small businesses. It is known that poor-quality delivery of perishable goods can lead to substantial financial losses for companies or even prove devastating for small businesses.

Choose SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” refrigerated freight transport and receive flawless delivery with guaranteed safety!

International transports with temperature regime provision

One of the most popular trends in today’s global kitchen is providing fresh local food in international markets. There is a demand in society for high-quality and high-value gourmet cuisine, while producers focus on a customer-oriented approach.

To offer consumers the best, food companies must respond to trends accordingly. Thus, vehicles with refrigerators from Europe, Asia, or exotic places are increasingly demanding and significant for land, air, sea, and rail transport.

International refrigerated transports

Quality, timely, and safe cargo delivery

Whether SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” is entrusted with cargo for frozen, chilled food, flowers, or medicines, we must maintain them at the right temperature, ensuring excellent cargo quality and impeccable transport service for our clients. Therefore, regardless of weather conditions or seasonality, cargo temperature is strictly controlled during transport, providing all goods remain of high quality throughout the transportation time.

Goods delivery has never been so simple!

  • In the transportation of refined chocolate, wine, truffles, or oil with a refrigerator, it is essential to consistently ensure the high value of exclusive products throughout the transport;
  • Proper transportation of frozen products ensures their consistent quality (for example, frozen fish, frozen meat);
  • Chilled products maintain their nutritional value throughout the delivery time (for example, berries, vegetables);
  • The quality of imported and exported flowers (and plants) is determined not only by proper harvesting but especially by storage;
  • To prevent certain products from changing their chemical composition, special attention must be paid to proper and appropriate transportation, transporting as quickly and safely as possible (medicines, drugs, and other pharmaceutical or chemical products, ADR cargoes).

Questions and answers about refrigerated freight transport

What is the temperature range provided in refrigerated freight transports?

In refrigerated freight transports, SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” provides a temperature range from +24 to -24’ C. All company-commissioned refrigerated trucks are equipped with thermoregulation control systems, which inform and prove cargo temperature throughout the transport.

What are the most common products transported with refrigerated cargoes?

Food production companies most frequently ensure the transportation of refrigerated cargo, transporting frozen food products (meat, fish, frozen vegetables, fruits, frozen confectionery), chilled products (semi-finished products, milk, eggs, berries), as well as pharmaceutical products (medications), flowers, and various items of visual art or ready-made artworks.

What are the available services for refrigerated transportation?

With a refrigerator, it is possible to transport frozen, chilled cargo or products that require heating to prevent freezing in winter (thermal mode up to +/-24°C)—similarly, refrigerators transport products stored at a specific temperature, such as artworks or wine.

What potential risks and complications can arise during refrigerated cargo transportation?

To protect the cargo from temperature fluctuations, any cargo during transportation, before and after the journey, must be carefully packed, secured, and stored in the appropriate temperature regime. It is important to prepare correct sender and receiver contact information when confirming transport to promptly communicate cargo loading and unloading times, minimizing risks that could arise from products being exposed to varying temperature conditions during loading or unloading.

Personal manager and consultant

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Regardless of the chosen type of cargo transportation service or route, SIA “RITLOGISTIKA” provides its clients with a personal transport manager who offers consultations, suggests the most optimal solutions for current transportation, and professionally understands the specific nuances of various types of cargo transportation, performing reliable, fast, and safe transport services.