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    How is the freight price determined?

    The price of cargo transportation is formed from a combination of several factors, which provides the client with an optimal price, while the carrier – a fair reward. These factors can vary based on the cargo type, route, delivery times, and other aspects. Let’s take a look at the six main criteria that influence the formation of the freight price:

    Cargo weight and dimensions

    Generally, larger and heavier loads incur higher transportation costs.

    Route and place of delivery

    The total transportation cost is influenced by the distance between the loading and unloading points.

    Type of cargo

    Transporting dangerous or sensitive goods often requires special handling, which may increase the price.

    Delivery speed

    Rapid delivery to the final destination can significantly increase costs, depending on the chosen transport method.

    Type of transport

    The chosen transport type – air, sea, rail, or road – can significantly affect the price.

    Additional services

    The final shipment price may be adjusted based on customer requests for additional services like cargo packaging, storage, or insurance.