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Logistics studies

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Following local and international economic development trends, it seems that qualified logistics specialists will always be in demand. With the accelerating pace and volume of goods circulation, the involvement of qualified logistics specialists at all levels of logistics operations is increasingly important to ensure efficient goods movement.

Why choose to study logistics?

In Latvia, as elsewhere in the world, several educational institutions offer diverse studies in logistics specialties, teaching at various levels of professional qualification (PKL). Currently, logistics studies can be undertaken not only in person but also conveniently combined with work, i.e., through distance learning or online.

  • Logistics studies open up opportunities for students to develop and refine both professional and practical competencies. In several educational institutions, logistics study programs are designed with the participation of leading industry leaders, making logistics studies genuinely exciting with their experience and practical knowledge.
  • If you want to gain international experience and study logistics in Latvia not only in Latvian but also in English, or participate in Erasmus+ projects during your studies, gaining practical experience and opening up international job opportunities, then explore the study offerings and choose the logistics study program that best suits your desires.

Logistics studies – benefits and opportunities after studies

The main goal of logistics study programs is to develop students’ professional competence in logistics. During the study process, industry specialists are prepared, capable of implementing basic logistics processes, understanding responsible and meaningful management, and the overall impact of logistics on the environment both locally and globally.

Depending on the chosen logistics study program, students can pursue studies in logistics either without prior knowledge or with prior industry knowledge, enhancing and improving their professional skills in higher-level study programs (bachelor’s or master’s degrees).

Where to study logistics in Latvia?

In Latvia, there are extensive opportunities to study logistics, obtaining both professional qualifications and higher education diplomas. Depending on the level of professional qualification or degree obtained during the study period, general or in-depth knowledge is acquired in economics, project management, and other related processes, preparing students for logistics work and enabling them to independently ensure efficient cargo delivery or goods flow processes.

  1. Riga Technical University – In Latvian, you can obtain a “Logistics Specialist” qualification (5th PKL) by studying in a 1st level professional higher education study program both full-time and part-time, in person or remotely. Study duration: Full-time in person- 2 years (cost-1800 EUR per year); part-time in person- 2.5 years, and remotely – 2.5 years (cost- 1200 EUR per year).
  2. Turība School of Business – Studying in Latvian or English, students have the opportunity to receive a professional bachelor’s degree in the study program “Business Logistics Management” (accredited until August 5, 2027). The duration of study is 4- 4.3 years. Available study forms include full-time day studies, part-time evening studies, or part-time remote studies. Tuition fee: from 2270- 2790 EUR per year.
  3. Transport and Communications Institute – offers full and part-time studies in Latvian or English, with reduced tuition fees per year for applicants from the Baltic states and Ukraine. Degrees offered include a bachelor’s degree (study duration: 4-5 years, cost 2200-3500 EUR per year), a master’s degree (study duration: 1.5-2.5 years, cost 2000 – 4500 EUR per year), and a doctoral degree (study duration: 3-4 years, cost 4000-5000 EUR per year).
  4. School of Economics and Culture – Studying in the 1st level professional higher education program “International Trade Transactions and Logistics” in Latvian, you can obtain a “Logistics Specialist” qualification (5th PKL). Studies are provided both full-time (2 years) and part-time in person or remotely (2.5 years). Tuition fee- 770 EUR per semester (2023/24.)
  5. Riga Technical University’s agency “Riga Technical University’s Liepaja Maritime College” – offers the opportunity to obtain a “Logistics Specialist” qualification (5th PKL) by studying in the program “Organization of International Transport”. Studies are conducted in Latvian both full-time (2 years), part-time in person, or remotely (3 years). Tuition fee: Full-time studies – state budget or 1800 EUR per year, part-time studies- 1630.11 EUR per year (2023/24).
  6. Riga Technical College – Studying in the 1st level professional higher education program in telematics and logistics, Riga Technical College provides the opportunity to obtain a “Logistics Specialist” qualification (5th PKL). Studies are conducted in Latvian, obtaining education full-time in person. Study duration 2 years. Tuition fee: State budget or 1120 EUR per year (2023/24).
  7. College of Business Management – part-time studies in Latvian, distance learning in the 1st level professional higher education program “Business Logistics”(5th PKL). The study duration is 2.5 years. Tuition fee: 895 EUR per semester or 149.17 EUR per month with the option to receive a Study Loan or by making instalment payments.

Study costs and scholarships

To provide competitive education in logistics for various levels of logistics industry representatives, depending on the level of professional qualification or degree obtained during the study period, the costs of logistics studies per academic year vary widely- from state-funded studies (e.g., Riga Technical College) to 5000 EUR per year for a doctoral degree (e.g., Transport and Communications Institute).

Depending on each educational institution’s offered study opportunities, education in logistics can be obtained by covering the tuition fee per academic year in installments (e.g., College of Business Management), paying for one academic semester (e.g., School of Economics and Culture), or receiving scholarships or tuition fee discounts (e.g., Turība School of Business).

Logistics career opportunities after studies

Several of the aforementioned universities offer their students extensive career opportunities in various logistics companies or logistics departments of different sector companies, not only in Latvia but also abroad, where representatives, partners, or former graduates of the specific universities, colleges, or other educational institutions work.

The company SIA „RITLOGISTIKA” also supports logistics students by offering internship opportunities to gain a real insight into the daily work processes of professional and experienced logistics specialists. After completing their studies, university graduates who have obtained a logistics specialist qualification in one of the logistics study programs have the opportunity to start a career in one of the currently available job vacancies at SIA „RITLOGISTIKA”, which you can view here.

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